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  1. No worries, and no hard feelings. Well, maybe a campaign is not a bad idea at all. If you think about the alternatives to Zoneminder, there are not many complete solutions (if none?) that include everything for free. This is also a great way to make people really show their appreciation for your work/time and to actually support the developement in their way.
  2. Hm seems like a bit of sarcasm here. Well, if you remember I was one of them who helped you trial and error the first steps on getting the opencv compile working in the first place. So yes, I understand complexness in getting everything working smooth even if I´m not on your level of knowledge in dockers. I work as a IT-pro/dev so I can see your point in that ppl doesn´t realise how much work something that can seem very simple on the surface is very complex underneat. We just want a new solution that´s is not a VM so we can share a single GPU amongst dockers. I can see that this is not going anywhere so discussion on a new solution should be elsewhere. So @dlandon thanks for the time, it´s been great using your ZM docker with ML.
  3. So sad it had to be like this since it worked so well, but sure I can [email protected] decision too. Don’t like the idea to move to a VM though since I can’t even fit an extra GPU in my server. So for me it isn’t a choice . I checked the “AppStore” and saw [email protected] had a docker with Debian Buster that had Nvidia support. Maybe it is possible to install everything in that one just to test while waiting/working on a better solution.
  4. @threefn This is almost exactly the same I would have wrote. We´re in the same boat for sure
  5. Did you login as admin? "Go to ip:3006 to access grafana, login with admin/admin and make changes to the default dashboard."
  6. Ok, I might give it a shot when I have some time to test adding my UPS. And ofcourse, I understand that it´s nearly impossible to cover all unique combinations of hardware. Just thought that since all other CPU sensors where read right, maybe it was just a little "issue". I´ll check and see if I can fix the right settings for reading my CPU temp. And thanks again for a superb docker
  7. Worked really nice, thank you for the Docker. I would also love to have monitoring of my APC UPS, or maybe it´s hard to add in your docker since ppl use different brands? I assume if I add that manually it would disappear on a future update? Edit: Did just notice that CPU does not report temp. I have a Intel E5 2697 V3 if that helps
  8. @squid : The docker folder plugin did exactly what I wanted, so problem solved
  9. Great, then it’s time to install. Thank you
  10. This plugin seems very interesting and seems to suits my needs well but I have a question. Can it restart/start/stop all dockers in a folder with just "one click" or is it individual for each docker?
  11. @Energen & @Squid: Thanks, will see which one of them that works best for me :).. Much appreciated for the help
  12. Hi, I would like to have some of my dockers work together like "master and slave" when I needs to restart the "master docker" the "slaves" should also do that. Would that be possible? For example, I have a privoxyvpn that 3 other dockers is connected through, but sometimes the privoxyvpn docker needs a restart. When I do that the docker that is connected through that one looses their connection and needs a manually restart to get up and running again.
  13. @testdasi Thanks for the docker, just tried and it worked great.