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  1. Nice, is this still something that will happen?
  2. It is now installed and running with ES + Yolo on my server, lets hope it is stable as 1.32 . I have not tried face recognition yet, and don´t know if I will beacuse all my cameras is mounted high up and might not be able to recognise face at that angle.
  3. Nice initiative with this docker. One question though, is hwaccel for nvidia Cuda support included in this docker. If I remember right, IcOn had merged that into master branch? Anything you know? Would be nice to test that feature.
  4. Great news! Thanks for the update, much appreciated. This last year ZM has evolved nicely even if Eventserver is not in ZM itself, it’s a killer feature. Read on their slack this summer that the ZM crew had Hardware support (GPU) running now but I have no idea how well it works. But it’s a great step forward. Hope it is stable and fully working soon and introduced into the next public version Edit:Typos
  5. Ok, thanks for the answer . I have a few desktop and laptops computers also that need a backup-plan so I might use this for them and Rsync or something similar to the server then.
  6. This seems like a nice solution for my backup needs, but one question. Can I install this docker on my main unRAID and remote unRAID to use one as server and one client or is this just server?. Would be nice to have incremental backups of my smb shares that way without having to use a extra VM with a urBackup client for doing that. Edit: Found a urBackup-Client docker on DockerHub (https://hub.docker.com/r/hejare/urbackup-client). Maybe this is something that I need in case that this docker aint able to be a client also
  7. Updated server to 4.2 now and it worked instant Now it would be nice if someone converted "Zabbix Server" to Docker also Great work on this docker, thank you very much.
  8. Ah great, will try and update the server tomorrow. I’ll let you know if all is well after that . Thanks!
  9. Ok, thanks for helping [emoji4]. I checked the settings now under discovery rules. And both of them says “Not supported”. And then there is a info box why it’s not working. It says “Cannot find the “data” array in the recieved JSON object.” Does that error say something to you? Edit: My Zabbix version is 4.0.8
  10. Hi, just tried this out but can´t seem to get my disks visible in Zabbix. Would also like it to monitor my network on unRAID server but that is not showing either. Everything else that is important seems to be monitored nice thou. I followed your instructions with adding disks and maked sure the docker was previleged. Maybe I use the wrong template (Template OS Linux), which template do you use in Zabbix?, Thanks for the docker, great to finally have a zabbix agent in unRAID
  11. Interesting, will definitely have a look at this when I have some time over to configure my Zabbix server again. Nice work!
  12. No worries, I’ll check back in this thread in a week or 2 to see if there is some progress.
  13. Hi@saarg , Did you get the time to look at the source code?