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  1. Before I swtich to Sickchill, I kindly ask that you help confirm the steps to be taken. I rolled back to :v2018.10.06-1-01 a couple weeks ago, when the last update broke SR. It's been running great ever since, although it will not get any updates. I use nzbtomedia script, which is working perfectly right now. What steps are necessary to keep nzbtomedia working? In your notes, you say to perform a backup prior to 10/13, how ever that date has passed. I did a backup today, again I'm on :v2018.10.06-1-01. Please confirm is these steps are correct.
  2. My SR install was fresh only a few months ago and it has prompted me to update several times since I've installed it. I fully deleted my dockers at that time and recreated / installed everything fresh on a new cache drive. In any case, now I know that trick so thanks again! After a new working release comes out, I'll put mine to latest.
  3. my repository line has this: binhex/arch-sickrage Yours has the word latest and then I see you point to a specific release. I'm just curious why mine did not have the latest part at the end. My install was a fresh install of the binhex SR docker, with all defaults, and it has been working perfect until this last update blew it up. I've never had to delete an orphan from docker tab either, so I need to read a little more before doing this. Thanks! Update: ok, deleting orphan container is super easy, obvious which one to delete. Changing the
  4. I've never tried to roll back a docker before. So to confirm, I just go to the console and type binhex/arch-sickrage:v2018.10.06-1-01 And that will roll back SR? I don't need to stop any service, or restart the server, nothing else? Many thanks!
  5. I updated today and now SR docker starts, but I cannot access the WUI, so this last update broke it.
  6. I used the minidnla docker as well as the hdhomerun docker, and it works as expected. You still have to link the the two together to record shows.
  7. You need to install and use binhex-minidlna. You will then see the Linux icon, select that, login, and save. Assuming you have your directory path set correctly, should work. Of course you also need to setup a share. To help you with the minidnla settings, see mine below.
  8. @limetech I have run several tests that write to the cache pool and then the Mover transferring them to the array. I also ran a full Parity check, all good. Syslog shows no major errors and as mentioned in my last post, trim command ran successfully. However, I just noticed that my Used Space on my cache in the gui is now showing about half of what it was before. It was showing I had about 84gb in use and this is when the Mover has ran, and now it shows about 44gb. I have checked and all my files that should be on the cache drive are there. My dockers are running on the cache
  9. I installed a 2nd 1tb ssd drive and connected both the new one and the existing ssd to my mb sata ports. Enabled Trim to be scheduled and no more errors. output that is in the log: Sep 23 06:00:32 Tower root: /var/lib/docker: 34.4 GiB (36966330368 bytes) trimmed Sep 23 06:00:32 Tower root: /mnt/cache: 1.7 TiB (1853984260096 bytes) trimmed I did not bother trying to upgrade the firmware 9305. At this point, I yield and do what most others have done, and be forced to put ssd's on mb ports.
  10. I changed my NTP server to us.pool.ntp.org no more errors, or at least not yet.
  11. battery is good and power has not been off. Server up time is over 30 days and this error only occurred once in the log. So I guess is happens about once a month. My time settings are default. Do you recommend different time settings?
  12. I did not change anything from defaults. What do you recommend?
  13. @limetech can you please see below errors and advise on how to resolve? Aug 17 17:35:32 Tower nginx: 2018/08/17 17:35:32 [error] 10387#10387: nchan: A message from the past has just been published. Unless the system time has been adjusted, this should never happen. Aug 17 17:35:32 Tower nginx: 2018/08/17 17:35:32 [error] 10387#10387: nchan: A message from the past has just been published. Unless the system time has been adjusted, this should never happen.
  14. @juanamingo so at the end of the day, your rig was not running TRIM on the ssd's attached to your 9305 HBA. I too will just move the ssd to a mb sata port. I was hoping I could avoid using the mb and have everything on the 9305. I guess the only other option is to try the fw update, but I didn't see anything in the list of fixes that would help. Well, the other guy did also suggest to just NOT run the TRIM plugin, so that is a option too. I have it disabled right now.
  15. @limetech can you please see my above posts on this page about testing TRIM and offer advice on how I should proceed? Also see my post here
  16. @limetech Can you please see my first and second post and help me with these errors? @pwm Thank you
  17. Chrome on my pc. No pop up, looks like plain text.
  18. The ssd drives that I want to run the TRIM on are the cache drives. I do not have any ssd drives that are used for data. Some users put the ssd drives on the motherboard sata controller to address TRIM issues. I would like to use my 9305 for all drives.
  19. thank you Trurl! @Limetech - any help here with these errors? How can I resolve these so I have no errors?
  20. I want to try to get this working but I could use some help from the smart people on this forum to test. Given juanamingo and me have the same LSI sata controller, both are using Samsung evo ssd drives connected to the 9305, and we are running same version of unraid. Yet his TRIM is working fine on his rig, and the last time I tried enabling this on my rig, it caused a bunch of errors, disk 1 redballed and many drives showed 1 error in the webgui Main page. Since I disabled this plugin, no errors at all. What is the best way to test TRIM without putting my data at risk? Should
  21. I was hoping that LT would jump in here and help us figure out what these errors are, but no luck so far.
  22. Thanks, very nice of you. I have to agree with you on fw update. Looking at what the fw update fixes, none have to do with trim or hard drive compatibility, so not likely the update would do much for me either. Never did get a response from LSI re my support ticket. I guess I just need to try to turn it on again and see what happens, but like you, I don't have time to mess with a glitchy system either. Thanks again!
  23. ok, thanks for that information. I'm now at a loss as to why my setup does not like the trim command. We both have the same HBA and we both have samsung evo SSD's for cache. I'm afraid to try it again, given last time I lost a drive and several others showed an error on the main screen gui. I assume you have the latest version of unraid, 6.5.3? Perhaps it has something to do with my mb. I still have not heard back from LSI support. Really bad customer service via email. I guess I will have to call them.