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  1. thats basically my use case - either daily syncs or weekly syncs - in the interim i'll just rsync the individual shares because it seems to lose its shit when backing up my plex meta stuff - i acutally kicked off a rsync for the entire array last night via ssh and let it run all night (forgot to add the 'time' command so i don't know how long it took) but it actually completed - maybe rsync just needed to relax and lets its emotions go to finish the sync. id love to script it but i haven't found a good solution for ssh keys yet - i've looked at the user scripts plugin (basically a front end for cron it seems like) but the few scripts i've put together to run on a schedule don't seem to work the way i expect them too. i'm eager to hear back from this mythical 'hoopster'
  2. tried duplicati - it archives stuff and compresses it syncthing crapped the bed when i tried to set it up for my entire array any other suggestions?
  3. so i am rsync'ing my entire array to a back up unraid box - i tried to do it initailly by mounting the unraid share in my primary unraid server and then just rsync-ing wiht in my primary server - but rsync hung and stopped working so i nixed it and switched to rsync'ing via ssh and it worked like a charm ... i mean it took like two plus days to do the back up but it worked. now i'm running rsync again on my master to push a fresh update via the smb share --- again it got half way through (ish) and crashed setting up a recurring job via ssh would be a pita because unraid doesn't retain ssh keys between boots and i'm lazy and i dont' want to do ssh-key-add or whatever it is has anyonen else had issues with rsync'ing lots of data across a smb share? i don't want to use a backup docker app because i don't want archived or encrypted local backup - i just want a slave
  4. i switched to ca vancouver and it appears to be working happily as well fyi
  5. did PIA's france..... server go down? its not completing connections after my latest reboot - no changes on my end
  6. So I've done some googling and havent found a clear answer - I am building a second machine to run as an unraid back up server I'm not worried about the build out of untreated but I want my primary to clone all sorts and configs and dockets etc to the secondary server Any one done this faced any pitfalls or transfer issues? Have a guide recommendation? Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah - I'm getting good signal it's just the time of day - not a lot of traffic Swapping antennas is a little labor intensive Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
  8. what did you do to get ads-b working - i know i'm collecting data because my raspberry pi is tracking stuff - but i can't get shinysdr to display (using the same antenna) nm- stupid me i was fiddling with this at different times (as switching antennas is difficult) i'm decoding aircraft - its just a low traffic time
  9. so last night the docker stopped working - whenever i try and bring it up i get the following error standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error" standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error" standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error" did something get changed recently?
  10. boom - works like a charm - guess i should have expanded from using just the canuck endpoints - thanks folks
  11. i'm at my wits end here - i had delugevpn up and happily running with no issues - then i rebooted my unraid server to do some basic maintenance and when i tried to bring it back up delugevpn ceased to work - i've reached out to PIA to see if their endpoints are having issues - they said that there were but that everything had been resolved. I'm also using SABNZBvpn from binhex and its still working just fine. I attached a log dump - i've used different config files and and i've rebuilt the docker all with no luck. any suggestions would be appreciated. EDIT : ok just saw the updated responses from last night - so my default Vancouver still isn't working - will update this thread when/if it becomes available again - sorry for the spam log.log
  12. Did that - it saved my location data though so I'm not sure I scrubbed it all Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
  13. thats just it - the admin interface isn't loading - hitting it locally or from another computer on the network. I've been looking for the webadmin logs to see if i can catch a clue but haven't had much luck yet.
  14. Not exactly - I read that it locks down incoming connection requests to localhost or loopback only Since my unraid server is headless - I tried to tunnel my traffic through a ssh connection to my unraid server ... But apparently unraid doesn't allow that So I went to my garage connected a monitor and keyboard - booted to gui mode - still no dice on connecting to webadmin It's handshaking and prompting for my log in creds when I hit the admin portal but when I plug in the valid creds it's craps out (404) regardless of hitting it from the localhost or another box on the network. I was poking around the webadmin folder inside the docker looking to see if I could edit the configs manually but none of the xml or json (I forget which) I spotted did the trick. I'm debating switching to flightaware or flight24 but those require subscriptions and I don't know if I can set those to show just what I'm picking up Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
  15. yeah i'm hitting it at that URL and i've tried admin:password (which is correct based on the log's) i read that you can only access it via the localhost - so i'm going to try and tunnel my traffic through the unraid box and see if i can hit it that way -- i read a post about allowing external connections in the webadmin plugin ... but don't see the file or recognize the location i am supposed to update. EDIT: looks like unraid doesn't allow you to tunnel traffic EDIT: follow this fellow's guide - (https://forum.virtualradarserver.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=1186) restarted my container with no luck