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  1. interestingly - i've lost the ability to 'login' to sabnzb - i get prompted for my login/pasword - enter then and it immediately dumps be back to the login screen - it still appears to be working as its processing grabs from various services but ican't log into (at least on this machine haven't tried others or incognito yet... probably should) edit: pebcak apparently - incognito fixed it - must be a cookie/cache issue
  2. so i am looking at standing back up a self hosted standard notes server - because the last docker broke for whatever reason and i moved on but now it actually need it -- so i went searching for the latest docker standardnotes/standalone on docker hub in the CA store and came up dry ... is there a reason it isn't showing up in the search results? if so is there a way to manually add it?
  3. @Sharpiesoooo ... again blind leading the blind here - turns out dimension perhaps isn't really necessary ideally what im trying to do is to stand up a stack that will be a matrix messenger - that will integrate all the 'major' chat services telegram isntagram linkedin hangouts imessage discord slack signal and a few others there is a service out there called beeper which already does this - but its all open source software for their back end - and while their app is sexier than element - if i can accomplish the same thing for free then i'm a happy camper - also keeping everything self hosted makes me happy even if i can't have data center redundancy once i get some stacks up and running - and figure out the bridges - i'll do a write up and post it here - i'll try and incorporate the privious how-tos for a soup to nuts type solution targeted at unraid users
  4. @Sharpiematrix-dimension is a integration manager - that allows you to run different bridges such as telegram or hangouts and handle them all in element (allegedly) i've been messing with it - i got dimension up and working - would be happy do do a little write up if you are interestd - but as i'm still learnbing HOW to use the software it would be a bit of the blind leading the blind. but now i'm running into issues sending DM's to normal users on - i can send from my personal server (homeserver) and the receiver (matrix.rog) is unable to accept the chat - nor am i able to create a DM from my acct to my homeserver ... but i can log into and post in public rooms.....
  5. oooh - i also discovered that my matrix server is not seeing other servesr ....
  6. has anyone set up dimension to work with their stack? i have matrix and element up and running happily thanks to this thread - but now i wnt to add some custom bridges to the matrix stack - i have matrix-dimension up and running and talking to my server but now am kind of at a loss ....
  7. soooo .... hoping for some help here i am installing a matrix stack on a recycled chomebox which is running ubuntu server using ansible because i thought it would be fun i set up a proxy-conf or matrix and element in swag so swag should handle the certs - but the ansible script is using letsencrypt and is failing Failed to obtain a certificate directly (by listening on port 80) and also failed to obtain by relying on the server at port 80 to proxy the request. See above for details. You may wish to set up proxying of /.well-known/acme-challenge to 2402 or, more easily, stop the server on port 80 while this playbook runs. thought i'd reach out as i'm kind of brain fried at hte moment
  8. Just confirmed - booting to windows and then rebooting without powering down and booting into unraid assigns me a ip and the nic works
  9. So I installed unraid today on a new machine I built just to run vm's BUT for whatever reason when I power on the machine and boot to the USB stick it doesn't detect my NIC - The nic is the onboard one on my z590 phantom gaming 4 ASRock board I installed Windows to check and make sure stuff works ... The I rebooted forget to boot to the USB and rebooted and booted to the USB and the nic registered and I had an IP - wonderful - I rebooted from unraid command line and booted back into unraid and no IP was assigned .. I know the cable and port are good - I updated the mainbaord firmware via the net I read somewhere about cold boots and warm boots and how that impacted access to the nic I've scrubbed through the bios - disabled the wireless networking on the bios - ensured the nic is enabled Any help would be very much appreciated!!!
  10. I'm also running unifi - with IPS enabled - explains the issue
  11. no dice - tried everything - eventually gave up - was only doing this for fun anyways i do not know why the iso itself wasn't just shared - this seems overly complicated unless the tooling is building an iso unique to your hardware
  12. i'm having similar issues - just keeps reporting errorcode 22 and 403's edit: actually disabling my pi-hole - i have seen a change of state ... so maybe i spoke to soon edit2: so it eventually errored out - restarted the container wiht pihole disabled - we'll see if that provides a different outcome - i was able to grab some of the packages but not all of them so i'm hoping its just an intermittent issue
  13. so wheni open handbrake web gui - the little status circle inthe upper left spins briefly and thendisplays a red x - will attach a screen shot - i've tried on multiple machines - and multiple browers
  14. so i've had an issue lately with two dockers i infreuently use - handbrake (this docker) and mkvtoolnix - both use some vnc client (guacamole?) to connect but i seem to be totally unable to connect to the gui when i open the website - i've tried all the usual tricks - different browers incognito mode etc - still no dice - since is the same vnc app pushing the gui for this docker and mkvtoolnix i figured i'd ask and see if anyone had some suggestions.