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  1. I'm still having issues. I created a folder in my appdata folder that contains a config.ini (i copied and pasted from the example on github and put it in mnt/user/appdata/locast2plex/. and it is as follows: [main] locast_username=8888888 locast_password=8888888 plex_accessible_ip= #plex_accessible_port=6077 #bytes_per_read=1152000 #tuner_count=3 #uuid=<note: automaticially created if nonexistant> #reporting_model=HDHR3-US #reporting_firmware_name=hdhomerun3_atsc #reporting_firmware_ver=20150826 #concurrent_listeners=10
  2. Question, would it be possible to add a progress bar or percentage completed on the bottom bar while the mover is running?
  3. Now that there is an option to fold specifically for Covid-19 in the menu's; is there an update that can push this functionality out to docker instances? It is available in the client on windows, but when i try to manage and change it to covid through the dropdown menu in the basic view, it doesn't show as an option. As well, I get an error when attempting the same change via the "advanced view" (running on my main win box), which i enabled remote access to change my docker settings on my unraid machine.