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  1. <deleted> .. nevermind.. I'm an idiot. Somehow my server address was entered into the "Custom Environment: Web Vault Server URL" (which makes sense).. instead of "Self-hosted Environment: Server URL" ... no idea what the difference would be, but that fixed it.
  2. Having an issue with sync between my devices. Sometimes logging out of my ios app and back in, seems to refresh, to my phone. But I'm noticing that many items created on my ios app have not synced back to my vaultwarden database. Sync says it's up to date on my phone. How do I force an item to repopulate?
  3. I Setup nextcloud with Onlyoffice for this purpose, and have sub-domains pointing through with Letsencrypt, however my family rarely uses anything else in nextcloud except file storage and remote editing of excel files. (which can be done with the onlyoffice app).. Is FileRun a smaller/better alternative for this usecase? And has anyone migrated their nextcloud database to FileRun sucessfully?
  4. It sounds like you're on the right track.. take your time. Quality over Quantity
  5. Awesome. Good to know! Thanks for all the hard work.
  6. Has this been resolved? Or is this still a known issue?
  7. Not to turn this thread into a "show off your dashboard" thread.. but...
  8. I’ve tried many different options to keep m y personal data save and even lost data because I didn’t know how to fix problems that came up. I was about to build a ProxMox system and install Freenas with Zfs when I heard about Unraid. Even though I knew very little about how a raid works, It didn’t matter, because Unraid was so easy to setup and start learning. I love how I can re-purpose old drives of different sizes and only have to worry about the parity being valid. The rest just works. Unraid saved my sanity and now I can get on with organizing my life. Thanks to all who develop for it. In 2020 I'd like to see (if it’s not an obscene idea) better security for outside network access. I’m proud of my Unraid no matter how little it is and I’d love to monitor/manage it when I’m away from home... "My Precioussss"
  9. I've noticed that the WebUi seems to be a reoccurring issue over the last few years in this thread, So I'll post here and maybe someone can help me understand what's going on. After starting Qbittorrent i cannot log into the WebUi. After checking the log, I can see that it accepts my openvpn login/password, and assigns me an Ip address. "Started qBittorrent daemon successfully..." .. But No WebUi. So I disabled Vpn login and I Vuala! Webui works. so I log in, open Console> and manually run openvpn my.ovpn. At this point it uses the cridentials.conf and logs me into my vpn. However I have to keep the console window open or I lose vpn connection. When I reenable vpn in the config, No more WebUi. ideas??