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webterminal 502 Bad Gateway nginx

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6 minutes ago, Squid said:

Apr  7 22:08:12 fs emhttpd: /mnt/cache mount error: No file system
Apr  7 22:08:12 fs emhttpd: shcmd (48): umount /mnt/cache
Apr  7 22:08:12 fs kernel: XFS (sdi1): Invalid superblock magic number

Run the File System Check against the cache drive

Thanks. Just noticed cache is "Unmountable: No file system"


There's a lot of chat about "If the file system is XFS or ReiserFS (but NOT BTRFS), then you must start the array in Maintenance mode, by clicking the Maintenance mode check box before clicking the Start button. "


But I assume the cache is not part of the array so I can just go ahead? It seems the general command is "xfs_repair -v /dev/md1" but how on earth do I find what /dev/??? is my cache drive?

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docker.img isn't important. It is only the executables of your containers, and those are easily downloaded again. The Previous Apps feature on the Apps page will reinstall your dockers exactly as they were. But if you don't have appdata then the applications themselves would be starting over.

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Previous Apps actually shows you all dockers you had previously installed and lets you select any of them. Some may be listed that you weren't using any more if they have a template on flash.







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Thanks all.


It's worth noting that my appdata and system shares have completely disappeared. Will these steps automatically re-create them? And obviously I've lost all data that was on cache?


So the precise order of steps I need to follow is as follows?


1. Reformat cache?

2. Recreate docker.img?

3. Copy appdata

4. Reinstall dockers?

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And under "Reformatting a cache drive" I have no idea what step 4 is asking me to do:


"Set all shares that have files on the cache and are currently not have a Use Cache:Yes to BE Cache:Yes. Make a note of which shares you changed and what setting they had before the change"


I have two shares that are "Cache: Yes" but obviously no shares have files on cache as there is no working cache at the moment. 

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