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Help an inexperienced user solve this please - freezing since upgrading.

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migrated to Unraid last year in August. 6.8.3


check out my first ever post. 😂


been bulletproof. 

I’m all containers and VMs now.


upgraded to 6.9.1 on Sunday before the Easter egg hunt. 

plain sailing and straight forward. 

onto this week. 

woke up Friday morning to a server with array stopped due to unsafe shutdown. 

start array and parity check begins. 

read errors on disk7. 

power down server and move plugs around on drives. 

power up and add back into array and parity check completes lunchtime today. 

sat down for Plex this evening and it drops off. 

go back out to server and it’s 8:13pm but screen says 8:09pm. 

unsafe shutdown again (hold power button) and start up again. 

everything’s back up and it’s doing another parity check. 

to say I’m absolutely gutted I updated to 6.9.1 and regret it. But I was intrigued on “my servers” which has only made it odd difficult to log in. 

I don’t know what to do and where to look at logs to find a solution. 

I hope it lasts the night and it gets parity checked out again. Third time this month it’s done one now. 

should I be upgrading to 6.9.2?

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29 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Please post new diags after the errors.


attached but not sure what good it'll do as i've powered down and swapped out the sff8087 breakout lead to another one to try and rule out connection issue as i woke to parity and disk7 read errors and they are on the same lead.


telegram messaged the error @ 23:25 last night.


i've replaced the lead and re-begun a parity check.


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