Unmountable: Wrong encryption key - 6.10.0-rc2


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I attempted to update to 6.10.0-rc2 but 4 out of my 13 drives are displaying "Unmountable: Wrong encryption key". This also includes my Cache drive.


I've since reverted back to rc1 and now Disks 9 and Disks 10 are showing the Wrong Encryption Key and Disk 11 and the Cache are okay.


Update: I've rebooted again, and I'm now able to mount everything correctly on RC1. Still don't know why its doing this.




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I'm not thinking its RAM as I have multiple VMs also running on the system and unraid nor the VMs have never crashed. I thought maybe its one of my LSI cards is going but it doesn't make sense that the nvme would also do the same thing. I'm not sure if this would matter but my keyfile for the encryption is ~2mb in size. I've been using the same keyfile for the past 2 years.

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