Removing disk from Array, adding a new one and more


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Yes, of course. I'll make a USB memtest from their site with rufus. 

52 minutes ago, trurl said:

Yes, but that builtin memtest only works if you are booting Legacy and not running ECC RAM. It won't work if you are booting UEFI.


You can download the latest memtest and boot it from another flash drive.

From the message above I understand it shouldnt be UEFI?

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35 minutes ago, piratx said:

And 3 errors so far.

Which means all the time spent rebuilding disks was wasted, as you can't trust what was written.


All the bits and bytes that are read from and written to the disks interact with RAM, so those errors very well could have corrupted any data written to the hard drives at any point in the process.


Never use a computer with suspect memory to work with files you care about.



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I've personally had a motherboard that would throw memory errors only when all 4 slots were populated, so it's necessary to test the system as it will be run.


In your case, you seem to have found a genuinely bad stick, hopefully you can replace it and be good. In my case, memtest came up clean on any given pair, in any given pair of slots, but once all 4 were together, it would error every time.


You need to get at least 1 full clean pass with the memory exactly as you plan to run the system. The downtime is a necessary evil to ensure the best chance of future success.

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Seems the second pair works!
I also checked the manual and those RAMs arent on rhe support list.
Maybe I will run the machine with 16GB and get the proper ones and memtest those to be sure this time.

I’ve read that unraid works on the RAM but this wasnt expected. I am really glad you guys are one of the best communities and now I have eyes to see clearer.
I am an unraid user for 3 years now without any issues… most of those came the last 5 months.

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2 minutes ago, piratx said:

sorry. I am now wishing I had killed that rebuild when you told me too.

School of hard knocks. Most times it's the knowledge that you earn the hard way that sticks with you best. 🙂


BTW, I don't remember if it was you or not, don't think so, but someone in the last day or two made a comment that their memory was new, so it shouldn't be bad. Given the lack of quality control in computer parts, the only memory you can assume is good is what you personally tested. New memory, or any time you make RAM changes, you should run a memtest cycle. Too important to skip.

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1 hour ago, piratx said:

I’ve read that unraid works on the RAM but this wasnt expected.

Every computer works on the RAM. Even if the OS is installed on a hard drive or SSD, the CPU can't use it until it is loaded into RAM.


Everything goes through RAM, your data, the OS code, any programs you want to run, everything. And it all works like that on every computer regardless of OS or anything else about the hardware or software.


You don't want to run ANY computer unless the RAM is trustworthy.

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16GB ready and tested. I’ve swapped the one of the sticks after that pass with the one of the failed test (the first one I did). Just to check if its only 1 dimm that causes this.

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Posted (edited)

Okay! Trying now the last dimm (which errored before) with a good one. In this mobo I cant install 3 dimms it should be either 2 or 4.

And the last dimm errors in the first 2 minutes of the test. So I have only one dimm to replace and rerun the test with 4 dimms now. Right? :)


Should I rebuild with those 2 good checked dimms now?

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