The Uncast Show with the co-founder of Nextcloud: A Self-Hosting Alternative for All

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Step into the Nextcloud HQ in Berlin as we are joined by Jos Poortvliet, Co-founder and Director of Communications for Nextcloud, for a wide-ranging and revealing look into the open-source, decentralized ethos of Nextcloud.

This in-person interview follows Jos's early days in tech and work at OwnCloud and sets the stage for a dive into Nextcloud's commitment to open-source, data sovereignty, and their broader mission to return data control to users as the company scales past 100 team members and thousands of customers.

Throughout the interview, we covered the business model of Nextcloud, learned about some lesser-known features and use cases of the Nextcoud platform (Hub 7), and learned how they integrate AI into the product while still maintaining their core values around open-source, data security, and privacy.


Ready to Set up Nextcloud?

How to Set up Nextcloud on Unraid

2023 Unraid set up guide by WunderTech


This episode is also available in audio form all all major pod platforms:




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My question(s): Why is Nextcloud so slow across all possible plattforms and even on "high end" hardware? Is there any plan to HIGHLY improve this? Are there any plans to switch from php to another programing language for nextcloud or atleast the core parts that might cause this slowness, something like owncloud did with ocis? Will there, in the future, be a "slimmed down" version of nextcloud to just use a specific part of it quite simply? In my case i would only need nextcloud drive, but its not so easy to get nextcloud cleaned up and configured so drive is the only application left (even without the dashboard and such things).

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There was an excellent Verge podcast “A impossible journey into self-hosting” recently about self-hosting that sited many sources. Immich dev, and book author Cory Doctorow (en-shitification of www) …. Now I forgot where I was going with this… it’ll come back to me….

scraping data to make it easier to move providers. Apparently Facebook scraped MySpace data and told the new users they’d never spy on them or advertise (?) to them. That all changed and now we’re locked in. Doctorow puts many ideas forward, one of which make that shit legal and required to support. It’s what those guys did - and now when a big outfit provides an API, they shut it down frequently because of security concerns. Which might be valid, but near impossible to police. 

I’d love to see these ideas adopted. I’d love to see my Google Drive stuff mirrored, automatically in Nextcloud so the move would be gradual and easy to undo. I’d also like to see you guys not get destroyed in court by these big dogs.


i recently used the Google Takeout tool for Google photos to Immich. The json files, metadata hodgepodge mismatched garbage in there, I have to run it through several other tools just to make it make sense. And there are still outliers. At least it’s something Google offers, but it seems purposefully shitty. 

just curious if you’ve seen that stuff, know what I’m talking about, and would be interested in speaking about it.

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How does the team prioritize enhancements and defect fixes? Specifically, can you speak to why the below issue hasn't been fixed for almost 2 YEARS and if/when the community could expect it to be resolved? It appears to be impacting a lot of people (on Reddit and in this logged issue on Github) and frustrating the community that a manual work-around must be done. 


Github issue - "Connection closed" message when syncing files larger then +- 100Mb #4278

TLDR; NC is not adequately chunking files larger than 100mb when uploading files from the Windows app. After almost 2 years, this still requires people to stumble across this open issue and manually update a config file that the community figured out how to update, to fix the issue everyone was receiving in the Windows app. 

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