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  1. Didn't realize there was a USB tab added to the nav bar, nor did I know libvirt had a hotplug feature to begin with. (facepalm.. lol) Just made this adjustment in the UI. Thanks for the help! Will keep an eye on things and report back if still disconnecting. Very cool tool
  2. Wow thanks for responding to me here as well. I didn't even realize there was a USB tab added to the nav bar, nor did I know libvirt had a hotplug feature to begin with. (facepalm.. lol) Thanks for pointing this out here and in the response on how to configure it on the USB Manager plugin page. Thanks for all your efforts with this plugin and help here!
  3. Hello, I'm utilizing the hotplug feature to connect a Conbee II to my Hassio VM. What setting(s) would I need to select to persist the USB connection when restarting home assistant or the VM itself? Right now it's disconnecting automatically on reboots. Side note - Apologies if this is really straightforward. I'm really struggling with the terminology in the plugin and have searched longer than I should admit to accomplish this, nor can I find a guide, help text, or a help video online to explain how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Is this still working for you? I just followed this tonight and after a restart of home assistant, the Conbee II disconnected. The hotplug feature makes it a lot easier to reattach it to the VM without restarting, but I'm uncertain about how to get it to persist after a HA or VM restart. Is that what "Enable HUB Processing" or "Enable USBIP" does by chance?
  5. Has anyone had any luck with a permanent fix recently? I'm on 6.9.2 and running HA in a VM and my conbee II stick disconnects via USB passthrough sometimes when updating or restarting HA. Right now the only fix is to shutdown the VM and then bring it back up. However, for the first time last Friday, it took me 2 attempts at shutting down the VM and bringing it back up. Wanted to check in before I tried the above.
  6. Dude.. thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. Makes more sense now. I was not aware of how any of this worked.
  7. @CorneliousJD - Is there a way to convert UTC so my pushbullet notification displays the actual time associated with my time zone/location?
  8. Go to the Uptime Kuma GUI and navigate to the Settings page. Select 'About' and you should see the version there.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I've never actually used GitHub (noob here) so I'll have to look into how to communicate on that platform. Appreciate the lead.
  10. Can someone tell me how to determine the last used index for Redis? I'm attempting to setup Authelia and the config file requests an index that's not used. I can't remember what I previously used Redis for prior to Authelia setup, so I'm trying to see if there's a console/terminal command I can run that'll tell me what's being used or not. My other option was to just turn off Redis and see what's not working, but I'd like to pursue this option first. Thanks I found the below details. But I don't know how to make heads or tails of it in unraid.
  11. Good to know, and good question. Just trying to understand impact and then go backwards from there. I personally do not expose Krusader outside my home network, so I'm sure that helps too.
  12. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Squid!
  13. Can someone tell me if the Nginx container is impacted by the Log4j vulnerability?