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Trying to get to an old topic on the Forum

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47 minutes ago, zspearmint said:

The topic you're trying to access is part of a deprecated part of the forum regarding 6.3 release. I don't have control or a say in that.

I do believe that this thread that I was trying to get to is prior to 2015.   (It contains Tom's analysis of how Windows logs into a server and the problems that can occur and why.  While a thread from that time period might seem to be irrelevant today, Windows is still behaving exactly the very same way today!) 


So basically, there is little-to-no-hope that access to these old posts will become available.  The reason for my remark is that if it is true, I will be deleting those links from my Bookmarks. 

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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

@Frank1940Since there's some interesting and still relevant info in that thread I've created a copy here:

Wow, something REALLY weird happened when you did that. All the posts in that thread are dated two hours ago, I got notifications and stuff about it, and my posts said I had posted two hours ago. Since I wasn't logged on two hours ago, and just woke up, I freaked out a little bit thinking my account got hacked. I quickly realized ALL the posts were from 2 hours ago, but there weren't any actual new posts. All the quotes embedded in the posts are from around 5 years ago, and have the original account names.


No harm, no foul, but if any more threads get the same treatment it would be nice to figure out what happened and attempt to keep the original dates, as outdated advice with current dates could cause issues.

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15 minutes ago, Frank1940 said:

Actually the thread begun in 2014:

Yeah, well.

27 minutes ago, JonathanM said:

Since I wasn't logged on two hours ago, and just woke up, I freaked out a little bit

I looked at the last post and saw a quote from 2020, so the thread had to be at least 4+.


I wasn't really doing comprehensive research at that point.

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