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secure share question


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So I hardly ever use windows to access my unraid shares (I usually use my mac) and when I do I just switch the smb on transfer a file and turn if back off. But I just set up my windows vm and I want to leave smb on but I want it secure. When I access my shares on afp with my mac it gives me an option to sign into a profile so I can read and write, how do I sign in on windows?

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When a share is set to secure there will be no login prompt on your windows pc, unRAID will check the name against the user list, if it does match it will apply the access rights for that user, if it doesn't match the user gets read-only access.


When a share is set to private a similar check happens as described under "secure", but in this case when no matching user name is found a login prompt is given which allows the user to login under different credentials.


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