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Is there documentation for the unRAID plugin system?


Unfortunately, the docs on plugin development aren't organized, or in one place.  It is scattered around, and no one person is maintaining it.  Here's what I found:

- How does the plugin system work? Documentation Added  (old, and some parts are obsolete, but provides a basic foundation)

- Plugin Authors: Changes for 6.1 release - discusses compatibility changes

- Important unRAID 6.1 Plugin System Changes - discusses compatibility changes too

- New!  Version 6.3.0-rc9 Release Notes - important plugin changes for 6.3

- Community Applications plugin - the app store for all plugins; read the note at the bottom of first post

- Plugin Templates for CA / Appstore - guidelines for full Community Applications compatibility

- Application Template Categorizer plugin - for plugin or Docker template authors - use it!

- Programming board  (there is a little more info scattered throughout this board for devs)

- Per this post, "study existing code and plugins.  Also look at scripts in /usr/local/sbin.  For example 'emhttp_event' has info on events".

- Most new plugin authors start by taking apart a few selected plugins, and copying the basic structures.

- Note to prospective plugin developers: always ask yourself first, is this something better suited as a Docker container?  Because of better program isolation and fewer dependency issues, developers are strongly encouraged to choose Docker container development over creating another plugin.


Support topics for all plugins are found in the Plugin Support board.

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List of emhttp events


See this file: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp_event

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