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1 hour ago, Djoss said:

Sorry I'm confused.  Is the PC your are shutting down the one running the container ?

Sorry, i should have explained it a bit better.  I have 2 computers:

PC 1 is the Unraid Machine

PC 2 is my Windows gaming/personal Machine


I use PC2 to configure my unraid server (PC 1) and mess with plex/arr's via chrome browser.  I open the Firefox docker (a chrome tab opens with firefox) and i have my airline (southwest) check in page as the homepage.  I enter my information and a countdown clock starts.  When i'm done using PC 2, i shut it down.  PC 1 still stays running (it never shuts down). 

It looks like this before i shutdown PC 2:


When i come back the next morning and fire up PC 2 and open chrome, all my unraid tabs (dashboard/plex/arrs/firefox) automatically open and on the firefox browser, the countown clock and the fields i entered are no longer there. 

It looks like this in the morning (the timer had not expired, it should still have countdown time remaining)



My goal with using the docker was so that i could have the browser stay open forever and i could just load all my flight info into it and not worry about remembering to check in.  


I hope this explains it a bit better. 

Any ideas?  

Edit: I just noticed there was a docker container update...i just updated,  i'll post if it fixed it. 



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39 minutes ago, Djoss said:

Also, are you sure it's not the site itself that has an issue when kept open for too long ?

I didn't think about that. Any way to track that?


I think for the most part i'll just have to set it up the day of....Not the biggest issue in the world.  Thanks for your help

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On 5/28/2023 at 8:16 AM, JonathanM said:

Do you backup your appdata?

Dang, i didn't even think about this.  Yes i do, i remember running into a problem with Lucky Backups that it would disconnect when my appdata backups, nightly.  

I'll set it to Exclude the Firefox appdata folder during my daily backups.  

@Djoss I bet this is the problem.  Going to try the stopwatch again.  

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Posted (edited)
On 5/28/2023 at 8:16 AM, JonathanM said:

Do you backup your appdata?

i tried using the stopwatch and it had reset itself, so it wasn't the appdata backup

I'll give it a try again and see if it will not reset overnight.  


Edit: it reset overnight

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