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6.5.3 Read Error


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I woke this morning to find an email stating that Disk 1 had a read error.


Quick and Extended SMART tests were carried out, which finished without error.


Hoping that the drive was OK, I planned to stop the array, unassign the disk, stop the array, reassign the disk & let it rebuild.


However after stopping the array, unRaid indicated that an unclear shutdown had been detected and that a parity check was required?


I decided to reboot the array to let the parity check occur, however it started up without running a parity check and no errors are now shown for the drive on the main page???


I attach a copy of the SMART report


On reboot I have just recieved an email to state unRAID Status: Notice [] - array turned good





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Go to Tools   >>>  Diagnostics, click on it and then upload the Diagnostics file in a new post.  I realize that you have rebooted and there won't be a clue as to what happened to cause the initial problem.   Hopefully, someone will be able to spot sometime that might give a clue as to what is going on.  


OH, one more thing was there a big red  X  in front of the Disk 1 on the Main GUI screen?  

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A read error is non-destructive and simply means a glitch happened while reading. Content of your array didn't change, and stopping/starting the array resolved the issue.


unRAID itself does not notify about an unclean shutdown, you probably have one of the CA plugins installed, reporting about it.


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Happend to me also last week.

I run 1-2 Extended SMART Checks on the drive and these came back clean. After rechecking my Disk got no essential SMART Error Value it got a 2nd chance from me.

For now (1 week and ongoing with write and read access) it works without any additional error appearing.

as bonienl said it was a non-destructive error and simple indicated a "hick-up". 

Best Regards

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