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So as i'm using more and more dockers i'm finding my docker screen getting a little messy (with 23 dockers)


So my request is for some sort of docker grouping or categorisation in the docker gui. While it won't affect many users it may be useful to be able to group dockers by what their for and tidy up the interface


For example, with my setup i'd want these groups:

  • Home
  • Media Services
  • Web Services
  • CCTV
  • Utils
  • Not Needed (i store old useful dockers here)


It would be amazing to see something like this, potentially with a user create-able grouping list so we can make as many as needed? Even if it just acted as a filter that would be amazing



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A great idea. I've been feeling like my dashboard has been getting a little cluttered myself recently. Maybe something like what Google Images does when you click an image? I would also like something like this for VMs too:


Hyper-V Cluster

ESXi Cluster

Game Servers

Development Machines


Great idea!

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Customisable grouping would be very useful if incorporated with additional functionalities such as the ability to start/stop a group together. Imagine having 2 set of dockers, 1 for when gaming VM is run and 1 otherwise. In a few clicks, you can switch between them. This can be done using scripts easily (e.g. what I'm doing) but would be a lot more user friendly on the GUI.

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