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Hey All, 


So since upgrading to unraid 6.60 my server has been apparently losing network connectivity periodically.  Took me a while to figure it out but today I hooked up a monitor keyboard and mouse to it and booted with GUI.  Lost all connectivity today, can't ping, no gui, no ssh nothing.  Go check monitor and GUI is up and can navigate around and do everything as usual but no connectivity at all to the internet or local network. 


Reboot unraid and all is back to normal again for awhile.  Has been happening 2 times a day now.   Pulled the diag logs before rebooting this time before rebooting.  Only thing I saw that was weird was link up(previous line repeated 42 times).  


Going to replace cable and stuff now but had no issue until 6.6.0.  Can anyone make more sense of these than I can and point me in the right direction so I know where to look next time?





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That is super helpful.  I'm glad it's not only me.  Tired new patch cable, diff port, etc and no change at all.  Was almost going to throw in a second nic to see if maybe my onboard nic was failing or something but decided not to after seeing your post. 


I just downgraded to 6.5.3 and all seems to be stable again.  The moving files around seems to make sense.  Mine usually seemed to go offline when it was stressed to some extent. It would be online all day but a couple of plex streams, or a download, or crash plan file sync stuff like that seemed to be the trigger.  


I won't know for sure until tomorrow at some point if any other failures occur but I am feeling like 6.6.0 might have been the issue. 


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On 9/26/2018 at 2:56 AM, johnnie.black said:

Possibly an issue with the Realtek NIC driver on the newer kernel, that driver has been iffy and prone to issues before, best bet for the future would to replace the NIC with an Intel one.

Yeah I would but I'm outta free slots on the MB

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5 hours ago, gzibell said:

Can anyone recommend a good intel nic?  I currently only use 1 port but is a multi port card worth it?


There are lots of Intel Pro/1000s floating around.  Any PCIe NIC card based on an Intel chip should be good.


New or used, eBay has %15 off everything today (coupon code PICKSOON at checkout).


Whether or not you need more ports depends on if you want to do NIC bonding or envision setting up VLANs to which you want to dedicate a NIC.

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Just an FYI I have 2 unraid servers and my other server is running an intel MB with integrated intel nic and have had zero issues with that system since upgrading to 6.6.0.


I guess I'll either have to wait for update to 6.6.0, or order up an intel nic as recommended.

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On 9/25/2018 at 8:23 PM, David524 said:

Mine has been doing the same thing but mine seems to start when I start to move files around from one folder to another. I'm going to roll back to a older version for a while.

I have the exact issue. I have a 4 port intel nic that only pfsense uses and it stays up and operational. The Realtek Nic onboard dies and cause me to reboot to get to unraid. I was able to find one last pcie slot on my board and have another intel nic on order. I will write an update after I install the intel nic and upgrade to 6.6.0

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