Supermicro C2SEE now 19.99 shipped at Newegg (SOLD OUT)


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The Supermicro for this price is a killer deal and is the better choice. It can support two SASLP cards and has an on-board USB connector. The main feature is that it is much more widely used, so you can get help with bios settings and new versions of unRAID will be widely tested on it. The Supermicro does not support overvolting of memory, so it is recommended to use memory off of their compatibility list.

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Holy sh*t, this is an amazing price!  Here goes my UCD again...I don't need this, but it is too good of a deal to pass up.


By the way, how did you find out about this?  It must have just gone live today, as I was looking at this mobo last night while working on the wiki.

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So the main reason to consider this mobo (aside from the great price) is because it's widely used by the unraid community?


Wondering if I should grab one while it's on sale.  I don't need another unraid server but a techno-junkie like me wouldn't need much arm twisting to build another one.


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Seven: It is widely used (Level 3 tested by LimeTech), it can support up to 3 Supermicro cards (so 30 total drives, well past unRAID's current limit), and it can take a low power CPU like the Celeron 430.


ohlwiler: Well, great find!  I have nothing against Intel, in fact I'm working on an i3 version of the 20 Drive beast at the moment.  However, AMD tends to be cheaper, so that's why I generally go for it.

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This is insane price for a MB with two PCI-e 4x slots, but keep in mind this one using DDR3 NOT DDR2 memory that most of LGA775 socket MB is using.


Rumor has it Intel is going to phase out LGA775 socket at end of Q1 next year, so we might see more LGA775 MB sales from now on. if you need to pick some as spare, this might be a good time. unRAID, as I/O bound service, doesn't really need those latest i3/i5/i7 CPU & MB.


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It won't support 30 drives at maximum speeds, but it comes close:


6 on board

8 SASLP (pci-e 16x)

8 SASLP (pci-e 4x)

2 SIL3132 (pci-e 1x)


24 Total + (1 or 2 on PCI bus if needed)


Oops, you are right, I misread the specs.  Still, good basis for a 20 drive build.


As for RAM, I think any DDR3 will work.  This board doesn't specifically call for ECC/registered/etc like most SuperMicro boards do.  Correct me if I'm wrong, though.  I just ordered this, so I want to know too.



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OK, I'm guessing this is a mistake.  However, if it isn't...somebody needs to buy this immediately:




I take that to mean that you get to use the $35 promo code AFTER the listed price of 54.99, which brings the total to $19.99.  I've already used the promo code on my account, so I can't test it out.  Somebody please test it and confirm/deny this.


If it is true...I've taken a screenshot, I'm going to contact Newegg tomorrow to see if they'll credit me the difference.  I mean, $45 is already an amazing deal.  $20 is just too good to be true...and so it probably is.  Hell, if it is true I'm tempted to start up a second Newegg account to buy a second one of these boards.

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I grabbed one from Newegg for $19.99 just now.

Me too... a few hours ago...  got the e-mail confirmation too.  Says shipping by UPS.


1 x ($54.99) MB SUPERMICRO|MBD-C2SEE-O 775 G43 R $54.99


1 x ($-35.00) DISCOUNT FOR PROMOTION CODE $-35.00


Extended Warranty: $0.00

Subtotal: $19.99

Tax: $0.00

Shipping and Handling: $0.00

Total Amount: $19.99

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