Intel Socket 1151 Motherboards with IPMI AND Support for iGPU

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Would be handy if they just included the igpu in the public bios upgrade. What will happen on the next revision I wonder.

Yeah I already suggested that to ASRock. I can’t see any reason why it isn’t in the mainstream BIOS but perhaps they have their reasons.

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9 minutes ago, jbear said:

Did an iGPU version of the new BIOS get released privately or other?  Just wanted to follow-up.



Not that I know of.  I rolled back to L2.10A and IPMI/unRAID is reporting MB temp of 85C even with new BMC firmware.  I don't know if the new BIOS is also required to prevent that.

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1 hour ago, Hoopster said:

I contacted William at ASRock.  Here is a link to the latest BIOS which supports iGPU (version L2.21A)


Thanks Hoopster!  So it sounds like it was a "no" to rolling in the changes into the fully supported released BIOS I am guessing.  I am planning on updating in the next few days and will report back, unless you get to it sooner than me Hoopster. 😉

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44 minutes ago, Burizado said:

Thanks Hoopster!  So it sounds like it was a "no" to rolling in the changes into the fully supported released BIOS I am guessing

Well, the public release BIOS went from 2.10 to 2.30 and this new one is a 2.21A, so, somewhere in between.  Since there are no release notes with these "special" BIOS updates, who knows what is in and what is out?

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I joined the club: my E3C246D4U motherboard and 16gb Hynix RAM combo arrived a couple days ago.  I haven't had a chance to get everything setup on the test bench, but I noticed something different about these sticks of RAM.  The pin length shortens from the center of the RAM stick toward each end.  Wondering if anyone else has seen this?






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Updated the BIOS to 2.21A this morning, then the BMC firmware to 1.80.


BIOS did indeed revert the dual monitor setting, as well as my manual SmartFan settings. After BMC firmware was flashed, I had to go back into the hardware monitor in the BIOS to for the fans to kick back in.


Rebooted back into unRAID, re-enabled the modprobe setting, and QS in Plex worked as expected. No issues as of yet to report.

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7 minutes ago, parisv said:

that'll be why then, thanks hoopster!

You need something like this unbuffered ECC RAM.  Check the board QVL for other RAM modules that will work.


If you are looking for 32GB RAM sticks, there was only one Samsung unbuffered ECC RAM module on the QVL and it is somewhat hard to find.  Others will work if you can find them as long as they are unbuffered UDIMMs and not Registered ECC RAM.

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