• Very slow download speeds of USB Flash Creator image

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    I tested this today and yesterday with the Windows USB Flash Creator. As my usual speeds are much faster it looks to me like a problem on the unraid website:



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    The files are actually stored on the Amazon AWS servers, not on the Unraid web site so any speed issues are there.

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    37 minutes ago, itimpi said:

    speed issues are there

    Ok, good to know, but why use this service if its so slow? Letting the customer wait ages is not a good idea if you want to sell a product. I could easily provide some storage of my german managed server (unlimited traffic). ^^

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    There have been occasional reports of slow speeds but the vast majority of people do not see this and get very fast speeds.    Suggests it could be something in the network link between you and the Amazon servers that is limiting the speed.

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    2 hours ago, itimpi said:

    but the vast majority of people do not see this and get very fast speeds.

    How do you know that?


    My internet connection is from Deutsche Telekom (40% of all Germans use this provider). It costs more than other providers, but it rarely suffers from bandwidth problems (thats why I'm choosed them).


    Is it possible that Unraid does not use the CDN services of AWS? Because the EU location is fast, while some international locations are slow (my download speed is ~70 Mbit/s), but there is no location with only 0.8 Mbit/s (the download speed of the usb creator):




    I stopped this speedtest and repeated the USB Creator and again extremely slow:



    What is the direct link to the Unraid image? I like to test the download speed outside of the USB Creator. By that I could test it with different internet connections as well.


    Is this forum hosted on AWS, too? This would explain why it is somethings so extremely slow.

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    Does not seem to be a general or EU wide issue, I am able to DL at +10MBps on my 1Gbps fiber from France. Not crazy fast, but good enough.

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    I checked the network traffic through "Microsoft Network Monitor" and the USB Creator downloads from s3.amazonaws.com with the IP Seems to be an US AWS data center location. As it's an encrypted https link I'm not able to see more.


    EDIT: Ok, I checked the hex code of the USB creator (hacker style ^^) and found some download links:





    I downloaded the last URL by my browser and it's as slow as with the USB creator.


    I tested the same URL with my remote Unraid server which is connected to a Vodafone cable connection (> 500 Mbit/s, used by 30% of all Germans) and its even slower:



    This has nothing to do with my internet connection. Its related to AWS and it seems, that there is no CDN active (Cloudfront).

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    It seems that German providers are too stingy to buy enough US traffic:



    So the only solution is to host in europe or use Cloudfront (which is much more expensive). I think the best option would be OVH as they offer unlimited traffic even in their smallest webhosting packages. And the optional CDN service is cheap. It costs only ~2 € per month. But its limited to a maximum file size of 20 MB, so it would be needed to split the download file to multiple chunks to benefit from it.


    And my offer was serious, too. Feel free to test the speed:



    Other versions:


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    I wasn't even able to download the image at all. So I'm glad I found your upload @mgutt - thank you very much!

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    On 12/7/2020 at 8:25 PM, mgutt said:

    I wanted to try out the Beta version of Unraid. After 1 hour it reached only 6% :(

    That's really slow!

    With my internet connection here in Austria (FTTH over ViaEurope) the slowest I got one time is about 1MB/s (but usually I get speeds between 2 and 18MB/s).


    As far as I know @eschultz is already taking a look at this.

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    I also can confirm this issue while downloading the latest 6.9.0-rc2 from Germany using Deutsche Telekom as my provider. Normally I get speeds arround 255 MBit/s downstream.


    Downloading Unraid updates I am only getting arround 30-40 KB/s as my download speed.



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    Just wanted to add, that my download speed is very slow aswell (1KBit/s at worst).

    Deutsche Telekom in Germany aswell. Additionally, downloading those files through a us proxy, for example from hidester.com results in way better download speeds.

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