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  1. This could be potentially related to the issue i have described in the following post: (maybe this thread is related to your issue.)
  2. I have noticed, that the following issue is still present in the latest version of the new Docker-Folders-Plugin: May I ask for a fix for this issue please ⬆️?
  3. Hey @Squid, Just one quick question: As i noticed the following issue was caused by the OLD DockerFolders-Plugin: May you or somebody else with the NEW DockerFolders-Plugin installed test if you are also getting the same warning message before the array is started with the new version. If this issue is still present in the new version, may I ask for a fix?
  4. I can confirm, that this issue was fixed with 6.10-rc8
  5. Sorry, also no luck with different Browsers and incognito mode. I have now not only tried Chrome, but also firefox, both also tested with incongnito. I have even booted a clean ubuntu-live image and tried the included firefox there, still no luck. Could it be anything else? Maybe the name of my cache pool causes issues (it includes a "-" in the name)?
  6. @bonienl I have recently noticed, that the scheduling for the scrubs are indeed beeing saved correctly and they are also executed. I can see this from the syslog: So the only problem, which still persists is, that the schedule which is currently set for a pool is not shown. Instead it shows always "disables" though there is actually a schedule set. So this should be fixed anyway.
  7. I have powered down my server pluged the flash drive into my windows pc and ran a file system check: --> no errors were found. After booting my Unraid Server again, i tried if i could change other settings (for example SMART temperature settings within a cache pool), and they were all saved successfully. Just not the scrub scheduling. I also doubt that my flash drive is faulty, as i have replaced it a few months ago.
  8. The same issue was also present in -rc3, -rc4 and -rc5. As the title says I am unable to schedule btrfs scrubs. I can choose for example "weekly" then hit "apply" but this change is not gettinge saved / applied. I can reproduce this issue with all of my three btrfs cache pools (single device, raid1 and raid10). I have recorded a short video to show this behavior I am experiencing: demo-scrub.mp4
  9. I have experienced the same issue after my upgrade to -rc5, so i had also rollbacked to -rc4. I had similar crashes in the past, which were related to netfilter & macvlan. These crashes came from containers which had an seperate IP-address assigned to them. After I had moved all these containers with a seperate IP address to port forwarding for the Unraid IP (--> no containers using br0) these crashes had stopped. But since -rc5 they reappeard, also without any container on br0 with a seperate IP.
  10. @SidM richtig, ich denke auch dass das so passt und an dieser Stelle kein Problem vorliegt. Ich vermute @FordPrefect ist wohl im Post verrutscht und hat deine Screenshots mit denen aus meinem Post verwechselt, ich habe nämlich eine statische IP vergeben.
  11. I am experiencing similar kind of issues after switching from macvlan to ipvlan, which i have mentioned here: @blaine07 May I ask you how you have resolved those issues?
  12. I am experiencing exactly the same kind of issues after switching from macvlan to ipvlan. I can confirm, that unraid is not able to ping any IPV4 address which is outside of my LAN, but i can ping IPV4 addresses inside of my LAN. Additionally IPV6 addresses can be reached perfectly from unraid (inside LAN and outside). From within docker containers i can ping everythin on LAN and WAN and it doesn't matter if the containers using br0 or host networking (bridge). My guess was that my Gateway/router does not like the fact, that ipvlan uses multiple IP addresses with only one single MAC address. Therefore I replaces my router with a pfsense box, but the issue still persists. @bonienl Are you using any special kind of router, which can deal with one single mac address having multiple IP addresses?
  13. Ja, stimmt kann gut sein, dass es nicht mit allen Routern funktioniert, aber bei einem Business-Grade-Router/Firewall wie pfsense kann ich mir absolut nicht vorstellen, dass es damit nicht funktioniert, bzw. an der pfsense liegen soll. Ich vermute ganz klar dass zusätzlich noch ein Problem bei Unraid, oder in der Konfiguration von den Netzwerkeinstellungen vorliegt. Jetzt wäre es auch mal interessant, was für Router andere Leute einsetzten, bei denen ipvlan funktioniert.