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  1. Of course, here you go: { "period": { "duration": 0.030292, "unit": "ms" }, "frequency": { "requested": 0.000000, "actual": 0.000000, "unit": "MHz" }, "interrupts": { "count": 0.000000, "unit": "irq/s" }, "rc6": { "value": 95.507065, "unit": "%" }, "power": { "value": 0.000000, "unit": "W" }, "imc-bandwidth": { "re
  2. @b3rs3rk I have just tried your new intel version on my i9 9900k with UHD 630 graphics and everything is working just fine. Thanks a lot for this update.
  3. I am also using multiple Docker containers, which have a custom static IP assinged to them and I am facing crashes of my Unraid server. Any of the three proposed solutions in the linked thread above are not viable solutions for me. I can not put my VMs and containers on a seperate VLAN because my router and switch does not support this. I also can not put my VMs and containers on seperate NIC, because i only have one network cable running to my server and i don't want to have a switch in front of it. And i also need to have seperate IPs for some containers, so i can prioritize traf
  4. This is probably related to the issues other people facing as well in this thread: For me personally this started right away with the first beta i have tested (which was beta35) and persists all the way through -rc2.
  5. I also can confirm this issue while downloading the latest 6.9.0-rc2 from Germany using Deutsche Telekom as my provider. Normally I get speeds arround 255 MBit/s downstream. Downloading Unraid updates I am only getting arround 30-40 KB/s as my download speed.
  6. @limetech, are there any updates or investigations on the server crashes, which are still present in 6.9.0-rc1? (See also:
  7. Hi, I also want to share my experiences with this issue, because I am also affected. Normally I only run stable releases on my main server, but i am running a Samsung 970 evo SSD and i am seeing exessive writes on the latest stable release (> 1TB per day). Therefore i switched to 6.9.0-beta35, reformatted my SSD, and my writes are fine now. When 6.9.0-rc1 was released i switched to that. I suffered from the lockups on both pre-releases. I have been running a Intel System (i7 6700K and MSI Z170 MB with 64 GB DDR4). I am running the System without any OC, so CPU was runn
  8. I'm having exactly the same issue. I have upgraded from 6.9.0-beta35 to 6.9.0-rc1 and now i am unable to boot. I have made a backup of the flash drive recently, which i am restoring now.
  9. I have also experienced this exact issue and could resolve it also through mounting the above mentioned Paths. Only difference for me is that i have altered the Host Paths to the Unraid /tmp Dir so i am using the RAM and not the Cache drive for the Temp files. Therefore my writes on the cache drive are not as high. Host Path: /tmp/nextcloud/ and Host Path: /tmp/swag/
  10. Yesterday I noticed this warning at the unassigned devices plugin: Warning: syntax error, unexpected '=' in Unknown on line 1 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 1404 See screenshot: Is this normal (or even dangerous)? Does anyone had this issue before? EDIT: Probably this warning is related to this in the disk log: Jan 19 19:39:43 Home-Server unassigned.devices: Disk '/dev/sdd' does not have a serial number and cannot be mounted. But this is ablolutly untrue, th
  11. @BrianIsSecond Could you please update the title of this post to something like that: [6.6.6] Can't update VMs after they have been renamed
  12. I also encountered this issue. But only after the VM was renamed previosly. Here are my exact steps to reproduce this issue: Preparation: 1. Create a new VM (settings doesn't matter), name it e.g. "VM-01" 2. Click on "CREATE" -> The VM was created successfully 3. Click on the VM, click "Edit" 4. Change the name of the VM from "VM-01" to e.g. "VM-01 - renamed", click on "UPDATE" 5. The name of the VM got updated successfully, but now the VM is in a broken state. This means you couldn't edit it again. Here starts the problem:
  13. Hey there, i need your help. I enabled the SSL access to the Unraid Web-UI recently. Therefore in "Settings -> Identification" i switched "Use SSL/TLS" from "Auto" to "Yes". (I also placed a SSL-Certificate for my domain through which i want access the web-ui ("") in here "config/ssl/certs/certficate_bundle.pem", but it seems that this certificate in not beeing used. But this is another topic.) In the field "Local TLD" i entered my TLD to which my unraid sever is bounded. For example i can reach my unr