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  1. Was looking for this as well. Any update?
  2. Thanks, my laptop scales the screen to 125 so didn't see it. Making the page smaller in the browser works.
  3. Probably blind but i dont see the edit icon on the top right. I use custom tabs does this interver with the plugin? Tried different themes as wel.Checked the other themes as well.
  4. Was wondering about this update as well, I do like the docker very much but waiting for an update for pihole.
  5. Thanks for the replay. Have changed what was not needed. Have also added some more variables and changed the descriptions of it <?xml version="1.0"?> <Container version="2"> <Name>teamSpeak-officialdocker</Name> <Repository>teamspeak:latest</Repository> <Registry></Registry> <Network>bridge</Network> <Shell>sh</Shell> <Privileged>false</Privileged> <Support></Support> <Project></Project> <
  6. First off, Thanks to "Squid" for giving me the correct links. Made my first custom template and if possible want to have some feedback if there are errors/improvements. The docker is the official Teamspeak docker <?xml version="1.0"?> <Container version="2"> <Name>TeamSpeak-officialdocker</Name> <Repository>teamspeak</Repository> <Registry></Registry> <Network>bridge</Network> <MyIP/> <Shell>sh</Shell> <Privileged>false</Privileged>
  7. Hi, want to use an Docker container but there is no community template available. Can somebody help me create one.
  8. Maybe i'm stupid. as far as i can read and understand, this is not for making my server open on the internet just to give me a ssl certification. pingen the link i see my internal ip. Is this correct?
  9. Hi, how can i disable DNS rebinding. Missed clicked on Provision and now redirect me to a link i dont want. I dont want my web interface open on the internet. I use wireguard to access the web interface from outside. Greetz, Pepreal