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  1. Still looks like it is randomly going out. I get this in logs. 20210909 03:11:58 Wait on data is timed out, 300 seconds have passed, 0 bytes in socket remained 20210909 03:11:58 WARN: Connection with pool timed out. Trying to reconnect... 20210909 03:12:58 ERROR: No connection, retry after 10 seconds
  2. It's been running for a few days, but I have noticed that it doesn't run as constant as my other miners. It looks like in the docker webui it will run until it finishes a block and then will stop for awhile before running again. I guess that could be the issue, I'm only averaging a fifth of the day actually mining. I left all of it default, is there something I need to change to decrease the down time? Also, I did just switch from KAPOW to dagger, so I'll see if maybe that was the issue and report back tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  3. Can anyone give me an idea what I might be doing wrong? I have T-rex miner up and running with Nicehash and in T-rex docker it says I'm getting 26MH/s with my 1660ti and on nicehash website I have an accepted speed of 5MH/s with a 0.00MH/s rejected speed. I'm trying to figure out where my 21MH/s are going?
  4. I am having trouble with Deemix as well. I removed and re-added via CA and get the "python3: can't open file '/deemix/server.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory" CA has: https://registry.gitlab.com/bockiii/deemix-docker as the docker hub URL, but it returns 404 error.