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  1. Finally updated to 6.9.1, I'm either having great results or something else is causing this great results. My TBW log used to show ~500gb/day ... 2 days in with 6.9.1... ~15gb/day this is like 33x less 🤔 I swapped the SSD with a same model one (crucial mx500 1tb) the old one was already at 125TB TBW, this one is at 12.6TB TBW. Installed the same exact dockers. Formatted the new SSD cache as XFS, changed docker to use a folder instead of a image file.
  2. I'm wondering if it's not possible to copy the contents from inside the image to the new folder and avoid reinstall the dockers?
  3. I'm trying to find a way to avoid hitting 100% HDD usage when copying files from the downloads folder to their destination, and found this in the docker documentation, searched this forum and only found this thread with no real solution. Tried —-device-write-bps /dev/sdd:1mb But didn't work. Anyone knows how to do this?
  4. Thanks for the plugin. I even started a thread requesting this as a feature.. and another user pointed me here. Does everything i wanted! Thanks!
  5. I didn't get notified of your reply... That does exactly what i need! THANKS!
  6. Hi, This would be a useful feature to me and probably others. I have a gitlab instance running, and for each CI job it creates a docker with a name starting with `runner-`, if it would be possible to add a setting to filter out dockers by a regex or something it would be awesome. Right now my dockers page is double the length it should be because of all this dockers 😄 tl;dr: a setting to default filter docker list by name using regex
  7. Today i remembered to compare the LBAs since my last post on may 10th may 10th = 48905653011 LBAs June 1st = 68670054075 LBAs Difference = 19764401064 LBAs = 9424GB = 9.424TB in 21 days 448GB/day 18.7GB/hour 0.31GB/minute I guess it could be way better since i'm not writting that much to the cache drive at all...
  8. That script(well, smartctl) gave me wrong numbers, my ssd reports that the power on hours are only 349 (14days), that's not correct, i bought it new when i installed unraid on 14 march, and has been running 24/7 since then (uptime ~57days). Recalculating manually and assuming the total LBAs written is not wrong... 48905653011 LBA=22.77 TB perDay = 22.77 TB/57days = 0.40 TB/day = 400 GB/day perHour = 0.40 TB/24h = 0.017 TB/h = 17 GB/hour It seems i'm not getting hit that hard as i thought i was.. still think it's a bit on the high side tho.
  9. Yeah, i don't get it why this is only minor.. if my brand new ssd dies by the end of the year because of this i will be pissed!
  10. Hi, Why the default has replication activated to a file? Is there a reason? How can i disabled it? Tried to override log_bin to OFF/0 in custom.cnf but didn't work..
  11. It seems i got hit with this one also. Cache is a 1TB crucial sata ssd, btfs, not encrypted afaik I seems to have 5MB/s+ writes constant on the ssd, after finding one of the culpirts (unifi controller) that was also writing a lot to appdata, now my 2nd process with most writes is the [loop2]... In a few minutes there's 500MB of writes from [loop2]... At this rate my ssd will probably die soon 😨 My docker list maybe it can help find common dockers? linuxserver/sonarr linuxserver/qbittorrent nextcloud:latest gitlab/gitlab-runner gitlab/gitlab-ce linuxserver/tv
  12. Adding to this, yesterday i no longer had the need for the share.. i was unable to delete share #1, had to remove it by hand from xml.
  13. Bumping this up, this is annoying me since i started to use unraid a few weeks ago, specially trying to write file paths, our "/" is "shift + 7" for example
  14. Edited a VM and added the 1st unraid share fine, then went to add the 2nd one, when i hit update it just stays there forever. I noticed that the textinput name for the 1st share is "shares[0][source]", but for the 2nd one is "shares[1584221497003][source]" this doesn't seem right to me. Also, the request to "Custom.form.php" is done, respose code is 200, but no response body. Also, why i can't add a 3rd and more?