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  1. This is old post but shown by google search so might be helpful for other people experiencing similar problem: BY default cifs mounts with owner = root and permissions of 755. You can set dir_mode to 777 when mounting: sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/unraidtower -o username=pi,password=raspberry,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777
  2. I was able to use the credentials you provided after I restarted the the Docker engine. I have no idea why it wasn't accepting those befor (tried typing, copy-paste) did not work. Now to play with VPN and qbittorrent. Thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you for reply. Sorry for not being clear enough - I am looking for qBittorrent Web UI credentials. Tried admin/adminadmin but that does work. Looked into qBittorrent.conf but that does not show any credentials [AutoRun] enabled=false program= [Preferences] Connection\PortRangeMin=6881 Connection\UPnP=false General\Locale=en General\UseRandomPort=false Queueing\QueueingEnabled=false WebUI\Address=* WebUI\CSRFProtection=false WebUI\LocalHostAuth=false WebUI\Port=8080 WebUI\ServerDomains=* WebUI\UseUPnP=false
  4. Where do I find the default username and password? This is probably something obvious that i completely missed, I searched for 'user' in
  5. Thanks for that suggestion. This still might be display error but I will definitely check reads once I migrated to new drive. I ordered 3xSanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade (USB 2.0) and will make sure that no docker is using any of the flash storage.
  6. Thanks for the answers. Ggood to know that there is an option of transferring the license to new flash drive if the old one dies. I will try different types of flash drives then and evaluate different USB ports to see if that might have an impact.
  7. I am still fairly new to Unraid. First time I had an issue 2 months ago - all apps disappeared and I saw some errors in the logs regarding flash drive. Started from scratch on second USB stick. This time saving making backup of USB after I setup my shares and minimal set of apps. Issue happened month ago but at that time I thought this was related to update of community apps plugin but as advised I restarted the server and I also tried to make sure that none of the dockers would write logs to flash to keep USB writes to minimum. All it was running fine for another month until now... and throughout the moment writes to usb were in raising to 200-300 which is expected but then when issue happened GUI reports some ridiculous number of writes: I am still using trial as I was weary of the fact that once I buy the license I can transfer it only once in a year for free and if things are going this way I would have to buy license several times each year... Can someone help me on this to figure out if I setup something incorrectly or if I were just unlucky with the flash drives? I have attached diagnostics.
  8. You were correct Squid! Logs have clearly shown that sda1 had some issues, should have looked into those before opening this but it coincided with update so I assumed this was related to update and not any other failure. Stopped the array and rebooted the server and all my Apps are working as before. Thank you! It seems that flash drives are Achilles heel of Unraid - this is second drive in use after first one failed a month ago... Need to research this more and look for more quality/resilient flash drive. Thanks for your help!
  9. I have recently up[dated Community Applications plugin and I have lost visibility into APPS completely. Getting following error: Is this recoverable?