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  1. Just tried binhex-Sonarr:v3 not a huge library, but the upgrade worked flawlessly.
  2. Hey Squid, I just wanted to thank you for your reply. I hadn't seen it until today :).
  3. My server restarted and came up with a machine check error. Am I reading this right? Is the error cause by my CPU?
  4. Can you add my repository to CA?
  5. What in the world.... Now why would my interfaces swap places? Either way that worked. I swapped them, then I had to re-configure them. Everything is working again. Thanks again!
  6. I had a setup of 2 NICs. 1 to my router and 1 DAC 10Gbe to another server. Everything had been working for a couple of weeks until I installed the user scripts plugin. I rebooted and now i'm unable to connect to the machine. I retrieved the diagnostics manually though. I hope this is of some help because this came to me by surprise.