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  1. finally I update to unraid 6.11.0 It works great but, Do you know why my ConBeeII serial number change from DEXXXXXX in USB Manager to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-QEMU_QEMU_USB_SERIAL_1-0000:00:YYY? Do you keep your original serial number in Unraid VM with USB Manager? thanks
  2. same here, sticky with 6.9. I try several 6.10.X with no results. 6.90 works like a charm but 6.10.x doesnt work if not "patched way" others partners used, editing the XML or using the USB Manager plugin so I revert to 6.9
  3. Not good experience with 6.10. after update and reboot unraid unmount my second parity disk and start in disk selection. I select the second parity disk, unraid mount it but said wrong parity (it doesn’t) and then new parity sync begun. beyond that, Linux VM with home assistant stop accepting zigbee commands, HA works but without effect. I reboot VM but no changes. Reboot unraid (stop parity sync first) but HA still with that issue. I downgrade to 6.9.2 and HA works flawless, perfect. Parity sync ends without errors. I will stay in 6.9.2 for now…
  4. Hi, is there a way to get nextgen PIA servers running with DelugeVPN 1.3.15? I have to use that version due tracker rules. With 2.X all is working fine but as I said, I cannot use it. I try wireguard for a VPN Tunnel and the Deluge 1.3.15 with VPN off but I can't configure with PIA, It seems it doesn't work. Thanks
  5. I can’t find previous build in edit:
  6. Hi, How can I downgrade? 2.0.3 it’s banned from several trackers. Edit: ok, answer in page 1.
  7. Forget it. It was a silly question because vpn has no full portfordwarding so it can’t work. the idea was act as a filter. I have a calibre web in unraid and sometimes I connect in unprotected public WiFi’s via duckdns subdomain. I know I can install an OpenVPN server in unraid and connect with my phone to my internal unraid ip + calibre port (and deleting virtual server port fordward in the router). maybe there is another way to increase security. I have read some about nginx as reverse proxy but not sure if it’s the right way.
  8. Hi, is it possible duckdns point vpn ip (via privoxy) instead isp ip?
  9. Thanks @binhex it is clear "don't change docker port numbers", include crt and pem next to ovpn. About PF it seems all is working fine and is my torrent server that show an non reachable msg with my vpn pia ip. I did a port test with the port is deluge configured (it seems a dynamic port changed by docker after vpn starts) and it shows open Port 56581 is open on 185.230.1xx.yy ? EDIT: after half an hour non-reachable msg disappears.
  10. Swichted to PIA today. VPN is working but not port fordwarding. I request PF in osx PIA app and can find the port in that app using one of the PF server. Then I use spain.ovpn in docker but I can't connect to the same ip server in osx and in the docker so even I request a port number in osx I can't use it on docker. should I use same port number in deluge net options and docker vpn_host options? I believe I don't. last question pls, I copy ca.rsa.2048 crt and pem next in openvpn folder (next certificates.conf and .ovpn), is that right? thxs supervisord-copy.txt
  11. I notice¡¡¡ Asking for a refund now.
  12. Hi, great job. Everything working fine with Nordvpn. . Binhex, One security question. I find my VPN user and password in plain text in credentials.conf and supervisord.log. Is it ok? I attach my supervisord.log (I remove partial text in user/pass). Only FYI, I can connect to nordvpn only with the ovpn file, without .crt or .key. After a while I attach both extra files; still working fine. Now to more steps: 1.- kill switch (howto) 2.- deluge ports (now my tracker show me limited) Thanks again for your work and your help. supervisord.log -- EDIT: Should I fill VPN_options with ovpn name or similar? (2018-07-29 20:21:53.119937 [info] VPN_OPTIONS not defined (via -e VPN_OPTIONS))
  13. Some news. After 90 days and 17 hours uptime dynamix webgui freeze. Server is still up and running but no access via web. Shares works. Edit: console powerdown didnt work, reboot neither so I use the hard button so there is no log in flash about the issue, only old logs.
  14. Server 62 days uptime. Dynamix and 5.0.5. Still no problems. S3, Notifications, Temps, Dashboard, UPS, Cache dir, all running fine.
  15. Yea, It's strange, it works fine...then all of a sudden the Webgui is unresponsive. Array, shares and apps are all working great still. I had the Webgui up for about 3 day it just stops..I'll restart it, and sometimes its up for another few days and it will stall again... It's very strange. Sure it is strange. I restart a month ago but not for a problem, just a socket change in the apc ups (server not master now because sleep 20 hours/day).
  16. I have no problem with dynamix at all. 2.2.2 is working fine + sleep + apcupsd + shares.
  17. Running fine new dashboard. Great!!
  18. I would kill for a MOVER button not so hidden
  19. I found it on github, jeje.
  20. Hello, Some capture of the beta/new dashboard?
  21. Thanks a lot for the new look.
  22. Humm, I think previous version works a bit better (for me). Now frequently I have to reload stats page because one graph is empty, usually disks or network. After reload all graphs show right info.
  23. Hello, Is it possible look for NFS too? With XBMC I use NFS to Shares because raspberry is not very good with Samba. Thanks
  24. I have an APC UPS and the plugin works with Dynamix.
  25. I have Dynamix up and running for weeks, and no emhttp crashes and - as the developer - I do a lot with Dynamix webGui and optional plugins. As early tester my experience is same than Bonienl, no emhttp crashes at all and I had with SF. IMO Stability is no different in Dynamix vs Stock GUI. Same 8 GB machine here. Dynamix should replace Github SF clone gui as official alternative, now. Then, in 6.0......