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  1. yes it does exist. why there is a "1" in the log?
  2. I installed the beta plug-in. When I create a sub-volume nothing is changed/added log: Jan 6 18:05:02 ZF7-SERVER snapshots: btrfs subvolume create /mnt/data/domains 1 Jan 6 18:05:21 ZF7-SERVER snapshots: btrfs subvolume create /mnt/data/domains 1 Jan 6 18:05:40 ZF7-SERVER snapshots: btrfs subvolume create /mnt/data/domains 1 but no sub volume appears on gui
  3. @Josh.5, I got this results on every transcoded file, the video bitrate (red) is not updated to reflect the transcode, it stays the same as the original bitrate
  4. Just a guess but maybe your h265 plug-in CRF value is too low , also you want to add the "reject if larger than original" plug-in to avoid the replace of the original file if the transcoded file is larger
  5. Looks like hw encoding was not correctly set as the fps are too low. To me it seems easier to erase the container and app data folder and start new to be able to add those .ts files again
  6. I agree with response above. Why build a server to do such simple task? Of course unraid will do it just fine but it's like building a tank just to kill a fly.
  7. Simple solution: extend this offer a little for the one who missed it
  8. What tweaks? Maybe I can apply those to Vector RS case...
  9. any chance to extend this offer? for the ones who missed
  10. Damn why I didn't saw this earlier... I missed by 2 hours
  11. Hello, I just installed Unmanic to replace handbrake (the thing I don't like about handbrake is that force converts srt to ass). So far going great, but a couple questions: 1.- I get "Unable to connect to Unmanic backend. Please check that it is running." in the webUI. Despite that message conversion works so I don't know what the backend is or what I am missing. 2.- The mover v2 plugin does a copy of the file to another location (and still replaces the original with the new transcode) Is this how it supposed to work? I think the logical behavior to need this plug-in is leave original file in original location alone and put the new transcode in the specified location (great to compare both). 3.- Unmanic is using x265 3.2.1+1-b5c86a64bbbe, is there a reason to use this version and not a recent one? 4.- Why the media info of the transcoded file wrongly states the bitrate of the original file under the video stream?
  12. I think the bottleneck is related to the southbridge, because in my system it does not makes difference in x8 vs x4 during parity checks or turbo writes. (max 190mb/s with all drives). LSI SAS9211-8I is connected to a cpu pcie.
  13. Excellent news! Most 4k releases are HDR, but you can confirm if the colorspace is BT2020 in media info or in plex. For tone mapping working you must see correct colors (not washed up) in the transcode.
  14. Can someone test with RC2 and new plex build? changelog says it added rocket lake support
  15. That's great news. I have 32gb ram on the system and 10gb Ramdisk dedicated for transcode.
  16. That's weird, I can transcode four 4k HDR remux to 1080p without buffering, and even more if they're encodes or transcoding to 720p. I'm on linuxserver's repo and transcoding to ram.
  17. I can confirm that i3 7100 is capable of multiple 4k HDR transcodes at same time, however, this is without burning subtitles. The moment I start a 4k HDR transcoding with burning subtitles (because client don't support subtitles or subtitles are image based like PGS) it cannot do it at 1.0x speed. Try to have your media with srt subtitles and avoid clients that don't support direct play subtitles (LG smart tv's for example)
  18. It's a known problem and nobody knows for sure when it will be fixed. In plex forums they are testing a new improved transcoder with rocket lake support planned but still it will take some time to make it to normal releases, so we have no choice but wait
  19. So if I understand correctly it will only work with one motherboard pwm header?? Since the nvme temps and the hdd temps are so different, I was planning to set one pwm header for hdd array temps and another one for nvme temps, so this mean I would not be able to do it?
  20. Maybe @ich777 can help you out in this matter B250 board with i3 7100 and 16gb ram (will upgrade to z590 and 11700 and 32gb ram when HDR issues are solved) Unraid 6.9.2 Plex pass Linuxserver plex container with this in extra parameters (6gb RAM disk for transcodes): --device=/dev/dri --no-healthcheck --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/tmp,tmpfs-size=6000000000 Intel GPU top plugin No modified go file, i915.conf file in /boot/config/modprobe.d. (I read that this won't be necessary anymore, just install the gpu top plugin)
  21. I understand what @Zonediver is saying, because I as well have a rock solid hw transcoding with plex (i3 7100, multiple 4k and 1080p transcodes without an issue and for a long time now). So I think your problem is because your board has IPMI it somehow troubles the whole chain (I read it somewhere, I think it was in the vgpu plugin thread)
  22. Any news of the intel hw transcoding problem? any progress for RC2?
  23. thank you sir! Also how didi you mount the expander to the bottom floor of the case??