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  1. Thanks for responding. The fans are not directly on top/under the drives. However, there are a total of 4x 140mm fans (2 for inflow + 2 for outflow) attached to the case. Hard drive space is ample 3+ inches in between.
  2. Just starting out with Unraid. Here are the disks I have: 5 x 8TB HDD 4 x 500GB SSD Currently, I have 1 x 8TB Parity + 4 x 8TB Data 2 x 500GB Cache Pool Created 1 Media Share that uses the 4x8TB Data disks Here's what I would like to do: With the above disks allocation, I am left with 2 x 500GB SSDs. I would like to have RAID1/mirror equivalent of these disks that I pass on to a VM that will host Windows OS? Thanks! -