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  1. Unable to access console. Unable to find sh or the bash shell: Error, I'm getting: OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:367: starting container process caused: exec: "bash": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:367: starting container process caused: exec: "sh": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown
  2. Hi @Rob I currently have deployed Postgres12.5 container under Unraid 6.9.2. I am able to restart the container and initially everything works fine; however, hours later, I start seeing the following messages in the log: Once these warnings/errors show up, any database clients are unable to access any databases. Going into the Postgres12.5 container console, I see related file permissions to be: -rw------- 1 99 users 512 May 12 18:25 -rw------- 1 99 users 237 Sep 22 09:34 global.stat What should the correct ownership & filepermissions be for all files/directories under /var/lib/postgresql/data? Thanks -r
  3. db-backup container unable to create backups I am trying to backup a postgres database. I've specified the backup location in the container template. I can go to the container console and access the /backup within the container. Permssions for /backup is set to 777 (ie: world writable). However, when I manually run 'backup-now' command in the container console, I get the following error: As you can see that /backup does exist with writable permissions. It seems like the backup-now is not able to generate the backup file (*.sql) and therefore cascading errors about "..can't stat.... *.sql: No such file or directory" I've looked at the Logs but did not see any entries relating to the manual backup.
  4. How to change LOGLEVEL to INFO? Currently, in the paperless.log, I see DEBUG messages. I'm trying to minimize disk writes. In paperless-ng documentation, I only see two LOG related variables (PAPERLESS_LOGROTATE_MAX_SIZE, PAPERLESS_LOGROTATE_MAX_BACKUPS). There's nothing to change the LOGLEVEL. Any idea how do I change the log level? Thanks.
  5. Would you mind sharing how you got Tika & Gotenberg installed/configured? Also, did you figure out how to use filename for tagging? Thanks.
  6. I currently have FILENAME_FORMAT set as: {create_year}/{correspondent}/{title}. This works well for me but not for my better half My wife wants to have all the scans under a separate folder (different from the one above that I'm using). She would like to have all scans stored under her name. If I can have all PDFs prefixed with her name (eg: wife_document1.pdf), how can I use/extract the prefix of the filename to have all documents stored under? In summary, My documents get stored at: /usr/src/paperless/media/{create_year}/{correspondent}/{title}. My wife would like to have everything under: /usr/src/paperless/media/wife_name/{create_year}/{correspondent}/{title}.{create_year}/{correspondent}/{title}. How do I accomplish this?
  7. Just starting out with Paperless-ng in home/non-commercial environment. Running on a Multi-core dual processor along with lots of memory. So resource constraints is not an issue. I've gone through the initial setup and able to access the Web UI for the paperless-ng. Now, before I start adding documents I would like to make sure that I have the optimal setup. Following are some of my questions: For home use, is it better to stay with the default SQLLite database or should I consider Postgres? For a family of four, what's the ideal setup in terms of user setup? Spouse and I would like to have a common documents and consume directory while the kids should have their own. I'm going through the documentation which is excellent! However, reading through it does take time. Wondering if there's a Video that shows a typical usecase/scenario of setting up multi-user/group environment along with setting up document tags, types, etc. Many thanks.
  8. Also, getting the following warnings: How do I rectify this? Thanks.
  9. Getting following warnings: [2021-05-10 21:43:37,842: WARNING/MainProcess] Importer from imap account not started.Reason: PAPERMERGE_IMPORT_MAIL_USER not defined PAPERMERGE_IMPORT_MAIL_HOST not defined I have already added to PAPERMERGE_IMPORT_MAIL_USER = "testuser" PAPERMERGE_IMPORT_MAIL_HOST = "" I'm still getting the above warning.
  10. Does binhex-qbittorrentvpn container provide/include alternate Vue WebUI? If so, what value do I specify inside of the qbitttorrentvpn->Settings->Web UI file location? If Vue is not included then how do I set up the container so I can use Vue. Thanks.
  11. Running unraid v6.9.1. After installing beta plugin, I see the following error: Why this error & how do I resolve it? Thanks!
  12. I have three spindle drives that do not report any errors on the unraid Main page; however, UUD is reporting Read & Seek Errors: Unraid Main Page -- Drive Reporting NO ERRORS:
  13. Installed Dynamix WireGuard container & created a tunnel & peer definition. Configured my firewall to port forward the default 51820 port to the unraid server Added WireGuard peer connection on my iPhone via the QR code & then clicked on the slider to activate the connection. The iOS/client status shows as Active; however, on the unraid/server side, under the peer, I see "Last handshake: not received". Note, that on WireGuard client shows IPv6 address connection to the server even though, the Unraid/WireGuard is setup for only IPv4. Strange. My firewall shows no inbound connection On the phone, I am unable to access the server via the IP or the hostname. So, it seems like the iOS client shows that the connection is active; yet my server shows no inbound connectivity. Unraid/WireGuard/Peer Status:
  14. After a reboot, none of the drives in Array & Pool sections are shown; however, Unassigned drive temperatures are shown. To get the temps to show up, I have to restart the array and then all temps show up. Following is after the unraid has been booted for 1 hour: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following is after the array has been stopped & started:
  15. Thanks for responding. The fans are not directly on top/under the drives. However, there are a total of 4x 140mm fans (2 for inflow + 2 for outflow) attached to the case. Hard drive space is ample 3+ inches in between.