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  1. I updated the driver in the nvidia pluging to 465.27, but that caused nvidia-smi to not properly report the GPU's for some reason, resulting that the cards weren't able to overclock. In the end the only nvidia driver I found working was 460.73. It's currently working correctly
  2. I updated the miner, but the logs state that the driver version could no be found. Log: ---Trying to get Nvidia driver version--- ---Something went wrong, can't get driver version, putting server into sleep mode--- Do I need to update all the drivers to the latest version? Currently running 460.67
  3. Thanks, I used the command and noticed I have 8 fans. So maybe I have to use fan ID 3/4 for GPU 1, FANID 5/6 for GPU2 etc. Everything is working pretty well now, so I didn't bother adjusting it anymore. I just upgraded to unraid 6.9.2 and noticed I got the fatal server error mentioned earlier. I fixed it by adjusting something in the docker and saving it. After that it worked fine. A reboot didn't seem to work, so if anyone notices something similar, it might be worth a shot.
  4. Tested it with a 3060ti and the HW transcoding works better. The hashrates seem a bit lower than the t-rex miner, but considering no fee I think it's worth it. Thanks again for the docker. Last question regarding the errors, sometimes I receive an error: GPU 0 gave incorrect result. Lower overclocking values if it happens to frequently. I can't see the amount of shares and rejected shares, so I'm not sure what 'to frequently' is and if I really do need to lower the settings. I used to get 63,8 MH/s (+2900 mem) with my 3060ti and now I'm getting about 62 (+2650) with that
  5. Thank you for your reaction. It seems that HW transcoding in plex doesn't work when the miner is running. I tried it with the miner on/off and as long as the miner is off, the HW transcoding in plex works. When I turn on the miner, while its HW transcoding, the DAG doesn't seem to load on the GPU. Is this normal behaviour? I am currently running a 2060, but going to install a 3060ti and 2x 1660S in the future. Maybe it will work better with 8gb memory (3060ti)?
  6. Thank you very much for this docker. I will be mining for you for a couple of hours. Have been waiting for a while to be able to use OC settings in unraid. Always got the nvidia-settings lib6x error. Could you explain how to set the OC settings for multiple GPU's? I would expect the first setting to be like: NSFMINER_GPU: 0, 1 , 2 (for 3 graphic cards). Do i have to set the offset as follows: NSFMINER_GPUMEMCLOCKOFFSET: 1800, 3000, -1004 (with the comma separating the OC settings for each card)? Or would it be better to install this docker multiple times (would need
  7. Im looking at the same problems. For me the solution for nr 3. was that I was using the xxx.local 'site' instead of the actual ip adress. When I switched to and tried it again, it worked. But somehow when I applied the SSL link, it changed from 192.168.1.x to and the connection timed out. Using the xxxx.local adress enabled me to revert the settings. It's working now, but I can't seem to connect remotely. Probably due to the guest access persmissions.
  8. Thank you for your clarification. I have been looking around as well for overclock commands, but haven't been successful and your post confirms my doubts. I was wondering if you've been able to find something else? The nvidia-smi adjust clock settings only seem to apply to tesla gpus I hope settings like these will be added in the future.
  9. I got the Trex miner working. Thank you (for people having trouble, double check that the port is included in the pool address) I was wondering if it is possible to overclock the GPU using some sort of afterburner gui software? I red that it is possible by editing the settings through a VM. But considering that this is a docker image I'm afraid of bricking the device if the GPU is used for a VM and docker.