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  1. I'm running 6.10.0-rc1 and this font issue is still there. Will this be fixed in the upcoming release?
  2. Hello, did anyone have an answer for this one? I too want to figure out how to present a path through draw.io so I can save my diagrams onto the server. I've tried to add a path but that doesn't seem to show up within draw.io. Anyone have a method for doing this?
  3. Are you using Nginx Proxy Manager? I've found that if I use Nginx Proxy Manager to access my servers through a subdomain which I've setup, that I can access it but the CPU loads look just like what your'e showing. I'm puzzled why this would be. I'm using Brave Browser but I've tried Safari as well and the same issues occurs. Also, another issue which presents is none of the popups work, even if I turn the blocking off for the site. So it's not Brave browser specifically because Safari exhibits the same thing. For example, if I install another docker app, the progress of the download and subsequent, "finished successfully" doesn't display and just a blank screen is there. Once the whole process is finished, then it comes up and displays. If I access the servers directly on my local network, then everything works the correct way on both browsers. It seems as if I'm not routing all the protocols which are needed but I'm not sure what's going on. Anyone have a suggestion? I use PFSense as my router and for port 80 and 443 I route TCP/UDP. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Other sites report that the strange font in terminal is due to fingerprint blocking added to a number of browsers recently. Brave browser which I use, has a demo site which you can check your browser against being fingerprinted but it appears that their fingerprint mitigation is causing this. If this is the case, I'd prefer a solution in the server since I don't want to turn this off in my browser. Here are the other discussions people are having and for the record, this definitely happens in brave browser. Discussions here and here. Here's an article describing the fingerprint mitigation added to Brave browser
  5. +1 for me too. Brave browser which is chromium based also has this issue.
  6. I have the same issue in Brave Browser (Chromium). I have two servers both are 6.9.2 and both running in separate tabs in the same browser. One has the issue the other does not. Could this be related to a plugin?