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  1. Thank you very much for the clarification!
  2. Hi, one of my two parity drives just failed. It is the first of the two. I pulled the Seagate disk and ran the SeaTools diagnostics program on another PC. The long test came back faulty and it gave me the SeaTools Test Code which helps with the RMA process. I still have warranty on that drive and just issued an RMA request and will send the disk on its way tomorrow. My question now is, do I need to recalculate parity when i am just running one of the two parity disks? Or is it all good and I am just protected against a single drive failure right now? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have only heard good things about the ODROID-C2. Haven't got one yet, but it can cope with 4k hevc files. Costs about 100 dollars US if you want the faster emmc module. Cheaper if you buy an SD card. Actively developed by libreelec devs.
  4. Thank you, force update did the trick. @scottc: I vaguely remember that when you update within the Docker and restart it, it will default to the version the Docker was built. But I can do that until it gets properly updated every Friday. Thanks to all of you!
  5. Hi, could you please update the docker. We are two versions behind. Thank you
  6. Thanks again rix for the template and CHBMB for the support in the dark. The template did the trick, my mistake was that I didn't pass trough port 80 out of the Docker. I added the path for the appdata storage but didn't figure out that I needed the port as well. All working fine now! Thanks once again for the friendly and spot on support!
  7. Thanks rix, haven't tried it yet, but looking at your template file, I see that you are using "letsencrypt" as a path. Is my assumption right that you are using the nginx let's encrypt docker as the Webserver? If so, I now know where my mistake was. Thought the Webserver was included in this docker... if I need to install nginx first, I will pass on this docker. I am in beautiful Thailand on holidays and am not going to configure nginx remotely. Just wanted to have a look at organizr, because it looks promising. Thanks a lot anyway!!!
  8. I figured @rix would maybe help me out. I know I did something wrong along the way, but I can wait until it is released. Whichever happens first :-)
  9. Did you install this via community applications? If so, did you add any paths or other settings? I installed it via community applications, was using the "search on dockerhub" function, I can see the Docker starting in the log, creating ssl keys and then it shows starting services and done. But when I go to MYSERVERIP/index.php I see nothing, just a 404 page.
  10. Plex transcodes in chunks. It doesn't transcode the whole movie at once. When you finished watching that transcoded piece, Plex starts to transcode the next piece and so on.
  11. Let us know what they say. In their mail they wrote that their terms of service state that the purchase is only valid when payment has been processed. Which I guess wasn't the case for any of us since it was a preoder.
  12. Haha. Just received an email from Amazon. They wrote that they indeed claimed a wrong price for this drive on their homepage and since the drive was on pre-order and because of that the transaction has not yet occurred, they will cancel the order. Fuckers :-)
  13. Because I want to minimize all disk activity while a parity check is running. See here
  14. Thank you Squid for the custom script at parity check script. It worked perfectly. I just wrote two simple scripts with #!/bin/bash docker stop Plex And another with #!/bin/bash docker start Plex Thanks for everything!
  15. I successfully used Squid's script for the user scripts plugin to achieve what I wanted. Thanks again!
  16. Thank you for implementing my request! I will send you the output of your script tomorrow.
  17. I will just use the script provided by squid. As I said, if throttling is of more use to others, I can very much live with squids script. Thanks everyone for your input :-)
  18. I guess throttling may be a sufficient solution. But a parity check is the only time where all my drives are spinning at the same time, thus creating more heat and during a parity check I let my fans spin at their maximum setting. And they are loud as hell on full speed. That is why I want the parity check to be over as fast as possible. That's why I want to stop Plex from accessing any disks and slow down my parity check times. But if others want throttling more than the ability to stop dockers/plugins during a parity check, I can live whith that. Squid, will check out your linked script, thank you!
  19. That would be the easiest way to go. I have thought of something along the lines of monitoring the log for the "parity check has finished" entry and then run a script via custom user scripts plugin. But having the ability to run scripts before and after the check being coded into unRAID would be way less hacky :-) And thanks for moving this thread into to appropriate section!
  20. Hi, is there a way to stop Plex when the monthly parity check starts and enable Plex when the check is finished? All I can think of is a cron script, but that's not really fancy and could either leave Plex down longer than needed or start it while the parity check is still running.
  21. So this means that I cannot continue to use my current setup? Have a 256GB SSD mounted via UD that stores my docker.img and my downloads are written to it. Then I have a regular 500GB hard-drive as cache disk where these downloads get moved to once they are finished. I would love to store the Docker.img on the SSD for performance reasons. So my only option right now, as I see it, is to use the SSD as cache, remove the old cache disk and run mover more than once a day?! Could use the "move at percentage" script from the user scripts plugin... Is my understanding of this correct?
  22. Thanks so much for this app, finally bought it and loving it already!
  23. Is it a bug, or why does your battery show 120 percent charged?
  24. Mine is ext4 formated, so I am good :-)