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  1. Did the unassigned device work for you?
  2. Yes, in theory, but the problem still exists. That is exactly how mine is setup and the issue persists
  3. I think this is the issue you're having - Seems that some steam games dont like XFS file systems. I'm unsure as best way to fix it, I have just given up on some of those games. Maybe use an unassigned drive for the game storage?
  4. Final update for all those following along at home; I can just use the it87.ignore_resource_conflict=1 and it all works now (screenshot below). No need to force id as per the V2 in that screenshot. Most elegant solution (IMO).
  5. Haha, you are correct, I have said it many times in this thread but i will say it again.... my apologies.
  6. Apologies, somehow I didnt read that last bit in your post. To keep this thread up to speed, that did work. It now looks like: And i now get: Just FYI, your code says if87.force_id=0x8689, should be it87.force_id=0x8689 Thanks again for all your help ich777 EDIT: I realise I wasn't clear, this setup does work for me. got rid of the lax argument
  7. Just tried this one with no luck This: Also results in this: Using that Workaround in my image does actually work. But according to Frank it shouldnt be needed, so am trying to work with him to get it resolved.
  8. ... really, did I miss that somewhere? what I had in the workaround worked. Do you mean change the workaround from: acpi_enforce_resources=lax if87.force_id=0x8689 to only: it87.ignore_resource_conflict=1
  9. I was sending Frank a PM around driver support for specific hardware, as per his github advice. Doesnt need to be shared with everyone for my specific motherboard. Sorry, It all works now and survives a restart if I use the workaround options in the below screenshot. How i fixed it was by uninstalling the dynamix system temp plugin, rebooting, then re-installing. But according to Frank, I shouldnt need the acpi=lax or the force ID, hence the PM to get this sorted for others with the same hardware. When i get a solution I will share it here.
  10. Yeah, I have rebooted after every change to the sysconfig file. This is my result: This now does have the fans available in the system temp: When i Detect for available drivers, nothing comes up apart from coretemp. Am I going to have to modprobe at startup each time to get this working? Or maybe this was working previously, but i was expecting it to come up with the detect button. I'll admit i didnt check the fan speed options since i saw it wasnt picking up the driver module in the available drivers section. EDIT: After a reboot, I DO need to modprobe it87 otherwise all the sensors disappear on a reboot. Follow up EDIT: REMOVED, modprobe is required after a reboot
  11. Done. Also done. Thanks for all the help ich777.
  12. Just keeping everyone in the loop on this one, @ich777 the legend has added a driver module -
  13. Done this, I had already removed anything from the go file, but changed the syslinux.conf to 8628 Unfortunately, still the same result: Did I have it in the correct place in my first screenshot? straight after "resources=lax"? EDIT FOR CLARITY: I have now tried it87.force_id=0x8628 and it87.force_id=0x8689 with the same result.
  14. I'm running a Gigabyte Aorus B560I, I have set the same parameters as you in the syslinux, but my Dynamix System Temps still only has coretemp. When I run sensors-detect I get this: I had a previous workaround where I added "modprobe it87 force_id=0x8628" to the go file, which gave me the fan speeds, but no fan control. Instead of using force_id=0x8689 should I be using 8628? I cant actually remember where i found 8628, it was some time ago. I figured when looking at the sensors detect showing 8689 then that should be what I used...
  15. Ive been having issues with fan control on my Gigabyte B560, it uses it87, will the update sort some of the issues? What Linux kernel has the updated drivers?
  16. So this one is a bit of an odd one - I can detect the rpm of my fans, and it will spin them up and down when i rum pwmconfig. But if I try manually set the fan speed (command line or script) the fan stays on full speed. I tried the dynamix auto fan plugin, but that spun the fan down to idle and drives heated up very quickly. This is a brand new GIGABYTE B560I motherboard. Some more background, I had to use the workaround listed in this comment here to get the fans to be detected - This is the command I am using to get the PWM set for the fan to stop to check the correlation - "echo 0 > /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm2" Anyone have any ideas? Logs are attached.
  17. This is a great script, I wish this had been around when i was looking earlier. I was using this one, but found that all drives would be spun up just to check the temperature. This one here - Another request that feel free to ignore, but would be to be able to set an additional temperature monitor and desired temperature range. As in a motherboard temperature, and be able to spin fans based on MB temp or HDD temp, whichever is higher in its range.
  18. First up, great plugin, has definitely reduced the power usage on my server using this plugin and having the drives spun down. Feature request - settings per cache pool. Use case - I currently have 2 cache pools, 1 for general data ingestion, VMs, docker etc, and a second for surveillance footage. I would like to have the criteria for the mover running different between the two caches. the surveillance i just want it to run when its at say 80% full regardless of file age, but on my data cache i want to keep files on there for up to 20 days before moving them off. I get to this odd scenario where the drives will spin up every hour where there is footage there that is more than 20 days old, but the cache is under 80% full. then the drive will slowly fill up, and all data comes off the surveillance cache and its fine again.
  19. I think people are scared to test, I know I am. I have 1 Unraid server and if it goes down then that's my 1 server. Still want SR-IOV to work though
  20. I'm not that knowledgeable about Linux, but is the SR-IOV compatibility built into the new 6.11 RC1?
  21. I'm getting the same issue. Nothing in the logs until i try to access the webUI, then i get Error : incorrect HTTP headers line The ports are all available when checking the docker allocations. I've tried network mode as host and as bridge, same result. Any ideas? UPDATE: It appears to have been cookies issue of some sort, when attempting to access the webUI from my phone it works fine.
  22. So, I've just made the switch from AMD to Intel, and am having trouble getting the Intel QSV plugin working. I was previously using the vaapi for AMD and it worked great with the iGPU. It gets stuck like this: That is the entire log too. just says "infinity hours" and doesnt seem to do anything. I cannot terminate the worker either, i have to reboot the container. Here are my settings: The new CPU is an intel 11th gen 11700 and the iGPU is the UHD 750 if any of that matters EDIT: Tried VAAPI with the Intel iGPU, and it failed instantly, with the log full of: [h264 @ 0x5572ddb63940] Failed to end picture decode issue: 23 (internal decoding error). [h264 @ 0x5572ddb63940] hardware accelerator failed to decode picture [h264 @ 0x5572ddb80440] Failed to end picture decode issue: 23 (internal decoding error). [h264 @ 0x5572ddb80440] hardware accelerator failed to decode picture
  23. Would love to know this. I have a 11th gen on the way, and it would be awesome to be able to use the HDMI output for a VM, but still use the GPU for hardware transcoding in Plex. I'm running RC3 currently, but on an AMD system
  24. I always forget about the help buttons, sorry. Thank you for checking for me though. FYI, there is some grammar/spelling in the help: Specifies how accumulation periods are executed. Daily means every subsequent day the parity check continuous until finished Weekly means every subsequent week the parity check continuous until finished Continuous should be continues or resumes.