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  1. Hi Newbie here , just installed Node Red using the app, inserted the HA token and deployed, however i receive error in debug Invalid URL for Home Assistant Core, which gives the same ip address except for the port number. If i check if devices have been discovered they have been populated. Is there any way to correct i have removed the container and cleared any files but still same issue. Could it be because i am using HA Core ? Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, this will seem obvious to hardened UNRid user but as a newbie i am struggling with error message Permission denied whilst saving yaml files to appdata for HA. My appdata is set on prefer. Running 6.9.2 Any help would be appreciated. please be gentle.
  3. Hi trying to install Zigbee2mqtt after following didiblurDIY comprehensive instruction for my Conbee11 -Stick. The issue is that i receive error message as below . I have checked config file and is good . The only issue i had was find the ls /dev/serial/by-id/ a sit came up with no such directory, however i was able to find the path in HA supervisor hardware section. Any help & guidence would be appreciated.
  4. I am trying the locate the path of my Conbee ll stick it is there is LSUSB but when i try ls /dev/serial/by-id/ is displaying no such directory. I need the serial path to install into docker zigbee2mqtt. I am running 6.9.2 Any advise or direction would be appreciated.
  5. Removed from UI editor and pasted into xml as suggested rebooted and still not picking up Conbee. I think i will remove VM and start again and insert in xml file before I start VM tomorrow?
  6. i have been able to insert the xml for the serial port , however it is still not working still receive message in logs below. I am looking for help or do in need to revert back to 6 9.2 . reason for going to 6.10 rc2 so that i could install window 11 which is working fine . Any advice for this newbie
  7. Amended as mentioned now i have a similar error on line 46 checked this is seems fine inserted / but text turned red. I didn't touch anything in this area ? Sorry ,so frustrating
  8. Hi I have managed to input the xml code I have this error , As i said i am new to linux and xml i obviously have it formatted incorrectly , tried several solution but still get the creator error as below. Any advise would be appreciated.
  9. sorry do i add </memballon> and then <serial type='dev'> <source path='/dev/serial/by-id/ usb-dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH_ConBee_II_DE2415359-if00/> <target type='usb-serial' port='1'> <model name='usb-serial'/> </target> <alias name='serial1'/> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='4'/> </serial> like so ? and change the port from 4 to 1 as this is the port that the conbee ll is on at the moment. ?
  10. Sorry where do i add <memballon> at the end of the xml say line 137? Do i paste or type the above section into xml ? and do I replace source path with the contents attached. Apologise for these what may seem simple question.
  11. Hi all , I am new to unraid I too am struggling to load Conbee11 in 6.10.rc2 works fine in 6.9.2 this is the first time i have tried to to change the xml file and i struggling because the text colours are not matching some time i get green but the next set are always red. I noticed in the xml file that the Conbee is showing in sources in the entry 126-131. as per attached. Any advice on how to complete this task would be appreciated
  12. Thanks for your comments I have solved the issue , exactkly as you have mentioned Set Shares to Prefer now all seems clear following system check.
  13. Now that Frigate is running in the dockers satisfactory at the moment . How can you install the Frigate integration addon to use the cameras motion ,detection options to turn on switches/devices mainly on one of my cameras? Hacs is install on VM for HA. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks all , Problems solved as per instruction by ChatNoir above. When the system check for any error none were found Shares are set to Prefer.
  15. I followed you instruction I believe everything is on pool? Should i change the appdata to Yes or leave on Prefer as the error message is still there after reboot?
  16. If the appdata share is not set to be cache-only, then the mover program will cause your docker applications to become inoperable when it runs (6.1.x). Under 6.2+, this setting should not affect the operation of the application, but it will definitely impact significantly the performance of the application. Fix it via I have my appdata set to Yes, yet i have the above response. Is there a solution?
  17. This is sound advice i have spent weeks trying to sort out broken ffmep error . I use the hwaccel _args using the one for intel below <10th Gen which my system is run on until i noticed that you were using the same Chip i5-6500 so i tried your solution voila it work. leaving well alone for awhile before adding other cameras and tweeking. Thanks
  18. Thank that fixed it , I only downloaded vfio-pci.cfg to see if there was a way to delete the original . Obviously i made it worst. Thanks i now see the TPU running now to sort out my config and FFMPEG For inforamtion only i binded the TPU in TOOL-> System Devices originally as i am struggling with Docker Frigate as it is Frigate is running in HASSIO but on CPU. so i was trying to,load the TPU's in a VM
  19. Diagnostics as requested. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20211122-1743.zip
  20. correction The script is incorrect i used /sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/unbind
  21. The answer is there Yes I saw this post and unchecked the TPU in Dveice and rebooted . I also tried to unbind by echo "0000:01:00.0" > /sys/user/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/unbind. however, its not unbinding. I have tried this numerous times
  22. yayitazale Do you have the array started an working on unraid? It looks like you have some failure on disk2. Did you change the bind point to the array share or you are writting still directly to the disk? Thanks you are correct i have a faulty disk in my array so i have removed it and had to set up my unraid. Now the coral drivers are not loaded. there seem to be a problem as i cannot click on the logo to see if they are running just. I understand that my TPU are binded to Vfio-pci . I have tried to unbind them without success, any points how to unbind them. I have laso rebooted but nothing is happening. I await your comments thanks
  23. I have had to install Frigate/ Mgtt plugin again as they both stopped working. Now I am unable to get Spants Mgtt to statr and Frigate seems not to be configure correctly. when I try to insert my config thru smb I am unable to insert it due to the diretory for Frigate is not there. Instead MQTT is there . If i try thru the terminal I have the same error Input/Output as MQTT. Any advise would be appreciated.
  24. I have just downloaded Spants /MQTT again after mqtt and frigate container stoped and will not start. I have no idea why this is happened . I would be grateful for any advice on how to solve this. Tried the web etc without any luck.