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  1. At least having the repository added was better than nothing, now everything is manual.
  2. In the latest update, have we lost the ability to import docker hub items as templates in unraid. I am now sent to docker hub in a separate window and unable to add into unraid? Thanks.
  3. Works for me, dockers have appeared that were previously missing, thanks.
  4. Missing an LMS docker from the auto update too.
  5. Lol, no problem your update sorted it, thank you. I was updating unraid, then I updated the kernel with kernel helper and had some dns issues with a new broadband provider and at some stage during that the docker folder stuff got reset. Back now, few tweaks and another backup and I am good to go, thanks
  6. Thanks for creating the plugin Slight issue after the recent update to 6.9 Final where I lost all of my docker folders; not sure why. I am trying to import my backup and press import and select the file to import, but nothing happens? There is only a cancel button, Import, Export and Export All showing, not sure what I am missing? Thanks
  7. Would you be able to share which one you purchased as I purchased both the m2 and mini pci and it won't fit in my laptop, so need to re use in another machine.
  8. Thanks again for adding. I have both your kernel helper and the plugin working thank you. Made a small donation via the first post link
  9. Sure, I plan to test them both out, firstly with the plugin you have made, then uninstall the plugin and add to my other additional modules in my kernel :)
  10. Glad others were able to test so you could release; my hardware hasn't arrived yet. Thanks again.
  11. Just seen your post, very cool and much appreciated. Will give it a go when my hardware arrives
  12. Hey thanks for this, just got the docker update and checked the changelog
  13. Many thanks I was slow getting to your IM message. My hardware shipped today so if i am lucky I might get them tomorrow, but hoping to get for the weekend and I'd be happy to test.
  14. That is very kind thank you. Whichever is easier to implement I guess as personally I do not mind. I use Unraid-Kernel-Helper for adding my intel graphics drivers and it works well, but I guess for others the plugin could be more accessible perhaps?
  15. HI @ich777 its a reach, but I wondered what sort of effort would be required to add the gasket.ko and apex.ko kernel drivers to your build process? It allows support for the coral AI hardware for object detection on some CCTV systems. Thanks for your consideration / possible or not etc
  16. Just purchased my coral hardware and looking at the kernel building and thinking this is a prime candidate to be added as an option to Unraid-Kernel-Helper ->
  17. Where is the .bash_profile located that you edited and finally made it stick? On the Unraid stick so in boot, or are you editing the profile on your local machine?
  18. Yes, tried, as well as set-inform via ssh ... doing some more checking as to why its stopped working overnight. Edit: Resolved by waiting for disconnection and then forgetting device....without forgetting it would not adopt, now provisioning. Thanks for your help.
  19. Thanks for that, appreciated. I found it out as LTS wouldn't allow a backup restore so had to pin the version at the last v5 on docker. Backup restored but cannot get my two access points to adopt, so no wifi and that adds extra pressure on me from the household I've pinned at linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.14.23-ls76
  20. I missed the memo about LTS but will use it in future, as the 'latest' appears to be 6.0.20 beta? Which borked my setup, so LTS for me in future After some reviewing of the Unifi forum, it seems there are a fair few issues still outstanding with v6, fyi.
  21. Excellent support, thank you. Your update works well for me
  22. Thanks for the useful plugin I wondered if it was possible / helpful if the hostname could be added to the export naming, so with multiple unraid servers we don't inadvertently import to the wrong one. <hostmame>.docker.folder-AllFolders-2020_09_09-1.json
  23. +1 for me on this, I have 9 VLANS and the docker allocations page is just a jumped mix of items that don't help with finding free resources. Being able to sort, by vlan for example would give a much more usable list.
  24. +1 for docker swarm support, as unraid is great for basic docker tasks and running single instances, but having my 3 unraid servers working together to maintain uptime to my clients would be a real plus.
  25. I don't believe there is. The posts I have seen prefer the gui to be used to change the xml files, so I have added the traefik labels into configs in the dynamic traefik files instead. it takes away some of the benefit of traefik, but it works.