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  1. I have removed all of the dedicated IPs from my docker containers. They are now all back on Network Type: Host. The parity check from the hard crash this morning is at 85%. I am hoping that this makes the server stable again. Thanks to all.
  2. There was nothing on the console for this crash, just the login prompt from before as I had left it.
  3. The server just crashed again after about an hour. It was doing a parity check from the overnight crash. I brought it back up and will leave all docker containers and the virtual machine stopped. I was to try to get a successful parity check before starting them back up.
  4. The server was not responsive on the console. It is back up, usual docker containers started and it is doing a parity check. The one virtual machine is also back up. The last hard crash was Monday around 8pm, this one was overnight Tuesday/Wednesday. If it is the macvlan then I'm considering just not using it for the time being. The intent of separate IPs for each docker container was just so that it made it easier to track traffic in the firewall. thank you
  5. I was on the previous GA release, I believe it was 6.3.5 and was very stable. This is a server that has been stable for years. I wanted to get rid of pipework and move to the more native way of giving a docker container a dedicated IP. I have been hard crashing every few days. Is pipework compatible with the 6.4.0_rc10b version? I am considering going back to pipework just to see if I can regain stability. thank you
  6. I am also getting the Line 49 error message 6.4.0_rc10b
  7. I am having trouble connecting to clients running version 14.7 Is there a way to manually update the version inside the docker?
  8. Can someone post a working Amazon IAM Policy? I keep getting Access Denied errors. thanks!
  9. I would love to have this as a Docker. I run Hazel on my Mac and it is excellent for moving files around automatically. This Maid looks like it is the equivalent. Thank you!
  10. I'm interested but the site says that license is going to be around $250 per year once it leaves beta testing.
  11. I am interested in Musicbrainz but see it is in the isiodev repository. If I install the dev one will it cause me grief when it moves into the release repo? Same thing for the daapd dev release. thanks,
  12. I guess I was being impatient. On the docker creation screen when it said it was done I assumed it was. I left it well alone and the files are there now. Thanks for your help.