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  1. Check your backup unRaid flash drive for the pro.key file. This is all you need from that. Save that file in a safe place then install new fresh unRaid on that 2nd flash Depending on the age of your backup of the current unRaid flash drive, you can use parts of it to recover your server Do you have a print out of the unRaid array screen listing your drives and which ones are parity, cache, data etc... ? Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  2. What you are trying to accomplish is pushing the borders of the normal expertise you will find here. Because of that you will find that not all of your questions will be answered. I have a one server that has dual Intel Xeon 2670 and 96gb RAM. This server works best for flexible VM work as you are proposing. I have 5 Win 10 VM on this server and create and destroy many more on an ad hoc basis. But I don't pass through any video. I find pass through really isn't flexible for my needs. Requiring 1 video card for each VM just kills it for me. I find Microsoft RDP best for connecting to these VM in spite of what grid runner suggests. This is ok for normal browsing and office work. Try it and see if it works for you. The beauty is that dedicated video cablng is not required, and dedicated GPU are not required. The downside is that video is limited for gaming, streaming and other GPU intensive stuff. Basically just follow grid runners first video about windows 10 VM and ignore video 2. Then connect to the VM with windows RDP from a laptop and test it out. This is flexible VM at it's best. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  3. I started using Resilio but after a time just got rsync working. Resilio would sometime work and sometimes not. No experience with the others. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  4. Yes, get ready for a steep learning curve. The unRaid experts are quite willing to help in their area of expertise, and this is quite deep in the area of local data hoarding. However, when venturing beyond local operations, expect to do some pioneering on your own. I too would love to have snapshots working over large distances but I already have something working. I presently use rsync over ssh to backup servers from USA to other countries including behind the Great Firewall of China. This testifies to the resiliance of rsync over ssh. It just works. I have set up this using rsync that works quite well over ssh. See
  5. Interesting, have you used it this way? International data connections are hit and miss. I wonder how resilient this might be? What if I only want to snapshot a /mnt/disk1/sometopfolder/somesubfolder Is that ok? Not all data deserves this level of protection. I would only snapshot a very small fraction of my data.
  6. @johnnie.black That link Method 2 suggests both source and destination need to be on the same volume for snapshots. This won't work across the world will it? Method 1 uses cp. Is there any way this can be accomplished with rsync. It seems more resilient to bad internet connections. I want to snapshot between USA and Asia.
  7. @johnnie.black I would love to try this across the world sometime. Totally different continents. I have rsync backups over ssh working fine, but somethings would be better snapshotted. I used to have rsnapshot on old RFS drives using code from https://rsnapshot.org But this was in the old v5 days. How is btrfs different? Some of my disks are still XFS and some are BTRFS. Do I need both ends of the snapshot converted to BTRFS in order to do this?
  8. Peter's Open-VPN plugin has a known problem with 6.7 Nothing to do but wait for a 6.7 compatible update as some legacy crypto code longer is found in 6.7.
  9. We await your fix at your convenience. The docker is ok, but Peter's plugin is better. His works even if the array is stopped. If Peters Open-vpn plugin is important to you wait on installing 6.7 for a bit. It will get fixed.
  10. I was just about to reboot my server after upgrading to 6.7rc2 when I saw this. OpenVPN is required for me. I will postpone this reboot now, possibly for a long time........
  11. Right now encryption is only one key for the entire array, as well as encrypted unassigned devices. This is painful a as you cannot plug in an encrypted unassigned device with a different key. The limiting factor is the unRaid GUI only supports one key for the entire array including all plugged in unassigned devices. The underlying technology is well able to support multiple keys but the GUI needs to add support for this Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  12. As long as it is a horrible image of your cat, you are good. Just don't use some cute image that has been shared a million times. Unraid will use the first 8mb of the file and ignore the rest. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  13. Mine does this but I use ipmi for power control Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  14. I look forward to these kind of tools becoming more easily accessible. However you and I are in the minority. Unraid biggest user group are data hoarders, who don't really care much about security. I'm glad Tom keeps the product fresh and fully patched. Never hurts to ask. If he can do it easily, it may happen. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  15. Did you try and create a wireguard VM? Doesn't have to be slack. That should be trivial. Unraid KVM makes it easy. Adding to base os it's not trivial Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  16. If you don't get a reply in a few hours, something is blocked. Sadly spam filters ensure email is no longer a certain way to send and receive stuff anymore. Do you have a alternate email you can try? Typically you should get a response in less than 1 day. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  17. Old slow and steady. That's what these drives are. Totally reliable but very slow. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  18. If you never tested the box when you put it away is hard to know. Might have been DOA. But it sounds like it might be worth your while to pull the mb and check for loose screws and other nasty things that could be causing a short. That and power connections. Those old industrial systems are tough as nails, and don't give up easily. Love em for the purpose you are suggesting. They spend most of their time down, so noise isn't an issue. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  19. And the reading is from your UPS. What UPS are you using? That may be why it isn't directly comparable to others. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  20. I warn you, there is no "SSH for Dummies..." Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  21. Your welcome. @ken-ji to the rescue Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  22. A thorough understanding of ssh keys is required to fully understand what is wrong. Trouble is all of us just hacked ours together. We all had the same troubles you are having. Then suddenly it just worked. And we are not really sure why. @ken-ji is the most knowledgeable and helped most of us get going. Be patient, there really is gold at the end of this rainbow
  23. As of right now it seems that the evidence has vanished like a puff of smoke. Some 3 letter agency has the evidence all hidden in a warehouse?
  24. Again the answer is maybe. Check the thread out. It links to good external analysis. So far, documented proof is lacking. Don't worry about your Supermicro builds for now.
  25. You'll find it in the status of encryption thread. It's done from the command line, so no you won't see it in the web GUI. And the good news is that it doesn't result in any data loss.