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  1. What CPU are you using? Had it working with any other containers? @saarg You have an Intel CPU right? I'm in the dark here.....
  2. I don't think people can begin to understand the frustrations of support. Things that just annoy me, not necessarily here, also Github & Discord. 1. Not performing any sort of rudimentary search to see if the issue has already been noted/solved. 2. Not including any sort of docker run command 3. Not including logs 4. Ignoring repeated requests to do any of the above. 5. Posts that say "This is broken for me" or "Me too" they contribute nothing to help. 6. Entitlement, not realising we're volunteers, any demand for anything, I do this for free, you can ask, but you can't demand. 7. Any post that assumes the issue isn't PEBCAK, generally, that is the issue, and even if it isn't, it's a good default position to start from. 8. Any PM asking me for support that is unsolicited on here or Discord. 9. Any form of requesting to be spoon fed. You run a server, you're a server sys-admin, onus is on you to run it, not me. 10. And the biggest one. Not reading the documentation. RTFM! The amount of times we have to point this out in Discord is quite frankly, ridiculous. My position now is I'll contribute the reciprocal amount of effort to answer that people put into their request. If you're too busy to do troubleshooting and post necessary information, I'm too busy to answer. Golden rule of support: Include all the information someone needs to try and recreate your issue, if we can't recreate it, it's probably something we can't fix. I do sometimes regret my more grumpy posts, I forget the people are probably good, pleasant folk, I'm just burnt out by it all. The thing is, it really is the minority that offend. We just don't hear from people that happily use containers without issues.
  3. Is your GPU detected? Not sure there's much I can do about this to be honest, unless it's broken for everyone, we have very little control over the upstream stuff.
  4. @Addy Change /config to point to /mnt/cache/appdata/sonarr (if you have a cache disk) @Chrism2015 I'll assume the same advice for you, but you haven't posted enough information to say for sure.
  5. @trurl Can we lock this thread please? Thanks
  6. Not a known issue, may have been reported before, but if you haven't searched through the "nonsense" I'm not going to do it for you, dunno if you're doing anything wrong as you haven't posted your config. This is an old and deprecated container, make sure you're using the one here. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/78060-support-linuxserverio-unifi-controller/
  7. Have you edited the go file, with the modprobe line and rebooted your machine?
  8. @IamSpartacus Is that command being run inside a Telegraf container? If so it would explain why it can't find the nvidia-smi binary
  9. You win, I cracked a long time ago......
  10. What can I say? We had a backlog...... You could always join the dark side...... just saying.
  11. As an explanation, The last two screenshots aren't useful. The second shows it downloaded fine, which isn't the issue, and Plex logs offer nothing as if there's a problem with the DVB drivers, I wouldn't expect Plex LiveTV to work. The pertinent information is all on the DVB plugin screen. So just to confirm, can you post a screenshot of rc2. Also, again, what is your DVB card?
  12. rm -rf /mnt/user/appdata/hassos-* will remove those folders. but those folders may take a reboot of Unraid & Windows to remove as they look like exported smb shares of those folders
  13. @Jimmy Nowhere near enough info for me to go on. Are we talking about generic DVB build here or the Nvidia/DVB build above? Post a screenshot of your working install. /dev/dvb/ is just your DVB card, same for everyone, but without knowing what your card is, I'm in the dark.
  14. TEST BUILDS FOR NVIDIA/DVB COMBINED People have asked if I'll produce a combined Nvidia/DVB build. Here's the thing, I have no intention of producing separate and combined builds, the workload is just too much for something I have no need of. It would need 8 builds on top of the Nvidia build to do so. I will however produce a combined build, depending on two conditions. 1. People don't mind an increased download size. 2. It works reliably. However I no longer have any DVB hardware so I can't test. So I've produced some combination builds for people to try out. I am only doing this for v6.7.1rc2, so if nobody tests each build then it's not going to happen. So if you want it, YOU need to test it. HOW TO USE 1. Download the Nvidia build of v6.7.1rc2 (Important - Do not use any other version) 2. Once the build has downloaded and the window indicating the copying to flash has happened and before you reboot, download one of the attached zip files depending on which DVB build you use, unpack it and copy across the bzmodules and bzfirmware files to your flash disk. 3. Reboot I know that the Nvidia Plugin will not report the correct version number, that's an easy fix in the future if this works. Once you've rebooted I need to know two things for each build. 1. Does the Nvidia hardware encoding work with Plex/Emby/Jellyfin? 2. Does the DVB hardware work? libreelec-nvidia-v6.7.1rc2.ziptbs-os-nvidia-v6.7.1rc2.ziptbs-crazycat-nvidia-v6.7.1rc2.zipdd-nvidia-v6.7.1rc2.zip
  15. @cdevlin For the second time. Docker FAQ and post docker run command and logs https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/#comment-564345
  16. @ZooMass use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip protocol=namecheap server=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com login=yourdomain.com password=your dynamic dns password @,www
  17. @cdevlin @uaeproz @drsparks68 Docker FAQ Post run command and logs otherwise everything is speculation.
  18. You need hairpin NAT enabled. Probably better off asking support avenues for USG unless someone here knows and can answer.
  19. Bridge vs host settings are available on Unraid there's a switch in each template. Unraids docker implementation is nothing special. Documentation applies regardless.
  20. Here's how to uncompress/compress bzroot ##Extract microcode dd if=$D/unraid/bzroot bs=512 count=$(cpio -ivt -H newc < $D/unraid/bzroot 2>&1 > /dev/null | awk '{print $1}') of=$D/unraid/bzmicrocode ##Unpack dd if=$D/unraid/bzroot bs=512 skip=$(cpio -ivt -H newc < $D/unraid/bzroot 2>&1 > /dev/null | awk '{print $1}') | xzcat | cpio -i -d -H newc --no-absolute-filenames ##Prepend microcode and Compress cp $D/unraid/bzmicrocode $D/$VERSION/nvidia/bzroot find . | cpio -o -H newc | xz --format=lzma >> $D/$VERSION/nvidia/bzroot
  21. The DVB source scripts are here. https://github.com/linuxserver/Unraid-DVB The Nvidia source scripts we deliberately are keeping closed as we're a tiny bit scared of Nvidia and the possibility of people using them to circumvent certain Nvidia restrictions.
  22. Look, lets just leave this conversation. It's going nowhere. The info was there, you missed it. We can't spoon feed every bit of information. It's on the diskover site here. https://github.com/shirosaidev/diskover#requirements and it's on our template. If you miss the information, that's on you, there's a limit to how much we can do. I had never used this before either, but I managed to set it up without any issues based on the documentation that was available, as I hadn't been involved in the dev of either diskover or the container. We're not installing Windows .exe files here, we do our best to lower the bar, but by definition, you're running a server, some applications are more complex to use than others and more complicated to install than others, the only place we get this sort of complaint from is the Unraid forums which, ironically, is the place where installing stuff is the easiest. The problem really boiled down to the piece of info you missed, and you incorrectly assumed that it was an issue with the container being at fault. Whether you choose to install this again or not, I don't much care, but at least take some responsibility for your own error rather than moaning that we didn't make it easy enough for you.