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  1. Hey, just a quick question, would it be possible to add some functionality to force unmount stuff? Especially having issues with NFS where it sometimes crashes on the nfs-server, unable to remotely restart my unraid box since it never stops trying to unmount. Have to cycle power (not a big deal, it only runs a few dockers). NFS at least has a lazy mode unmount switch which would solve this perhaps.
  2. Foreword; not relevant to SMB I seem to get this issue now, never had it before. My setup is like this: I have a Debian VM running on my main unraid box, this has rar2fs installed. On this VM I mount my media shares via NFS3 first, then I point rar2fs to those shares which in turn mounts the unrared/fusefs files to seperate folders which in turn is shared via NFS3 to my secondary box. The secondary box mounts these shares with the unassigned devices-plugin with NFS3 which in turn are mapped in the plex docker for my media locations. When doing some troubleshootin
  3. read the documentation. webui can be reached at http://<yourip>:8080/pwndrop
  4. you might be able to reconfigure the log location, adding a location in your variables but you'll need to look into the unms config files i presume. I have not tried it myself, maybe @digiblur have some ideas ? Maybe it would be possible to setup the docker to let us configure log locations ourselves?
  5. Had this exact issue today, I've recently changed from a Raid0 w/2 ssd-drives to a single ssd. Had to reformat my cache drive to fix this as mentioned earlier in this thread. Strange issue but whatever, it works again ! Ramblings; Just had to delete my docker.img file and redownload the dockers (you'll get a notice about this when you try to enable your docker service after the reformat and backup restore) Oh and just a side note, I took a backup of the data with: rsync -a --progress /mnt/cache/ /mnt/disk1/temp before formatting of course. (reverse when copying
  6. Hey guys, first of all, thank you @Ich777 for all your hard work, this is a great addition to any unraid deployment! So me and a few friends started messing around with Arma3, it's really fun but without any mods it's, well.. Arma.. Any idea how you define specific mods to be added to a server deployment? I see theres a "Mod" field in the docker config but no idea how to use it. Would love some pointers, I though maybe if the account connecting to steam are subscribed to specific mods in the workshop that it would sort it out itself. Thanks aga
  7. Hey all, I'm in the process of moving my server to a new rack chassis and needed some sff-8643 compatible controllers for the backplane. Bought two Dell WFN6R via ebay and this worked for me: https://jc-lan.org/2020/01/09/crossflash-dell-0wfn6r-9341-8i-to-9300-8i-it-mode/ You'll need to short the TP12 jumper Firmware and tools can be found on broadcom's site: https://www.broadcom.com/support/download-search?pg=Storage+Adapters,+Controllers,+and+ICs&pf=Storage+Adapters,+Controllers,+and+ICs&pn=SAS+9300-8i+Host+Bus+Adapter&pa=&po=&am
  8. Add this to extra parameters in the docker config page (you need to click "advanced view") "--log-opt max-size=10G" without the quotes, this will append the log when it reaches 10Gb. You can set this to what you want though. It is normal when the log is allowed to grow as it pleases.
  9. Well it worked perfectly here, every update from 5.x to 6.8.3 has never given me a single issue. This has to be in your end. Post diagnostics, stop bashing unraid for your incompetence and behave like a rational person.
  10. Great, thank you for the input
  11. Hey, I've been running 2x SSD's in raid0 for quite a while now, and I'm getting some write errors on one of the drives as they're getting pretty old. I've got a single 1 tb ssd replacement (getting the second one later). So, how do I go about changing my cache to not use raid any more ? Should I just change the mode to "single" or will this delete the existing data? I'll do a backup first of course. Thanks!
  12. i had partly the same issue before, but it was related to some cheapo marvel based sata controller cards, I've replaced everything and moved over to lsi raid cards (flashed out the raid-function). Could there be a issue with your sata controller and the new kernel perhaps ?
  13. Hey delete the docker including the image then delete the appdata/mariadb folder 2. remove relevant appdata folders
  14. Hey, seeing that DNS over HTTPS is getting more and more relevant these days, is it possible to include Cloudflared in a future (or maybe an alternative) docker image (https://developers.cloudflare.com/ ) ? A writeup on installation and setup; https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns-over-https/ I haven't messed to much with dockers before, but if the above is not possible, would the correct way to proceed be to fork this image to my own private dockerhub/git (not looking to steal any of Spants excellent and hard work though) ? Not sure if that's even