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  1. Any guides on how to make the admin token string?
  2. Cheers, thank you I am running Pi-Hole docker, that may be the culprit.
  3. Been running my second unRaid machine for months without any hiccups, found that it had locked up with the following error on the screen Any suggestions to what this could be? I was not able to ping it or anything like that. Its reset and working okay again.
  4. anyone have this going with Home Assistant? I have it working fine, but on some occasions I have to hit the "retry" button to login. After clicking retry its fine. It can cause the IOS app to be blocked for a short period but it also comes good if you force close the app and re-open. I figure I might need to add extra settings for 100% compatibility?
  5. how did you have your media stored? Emby needs each movie in its own folder from my experience. If for example you have all your MKV’s in one directory and you delete a movie via the emby menu it will delete the parent directory including the rest of the mkv’s in that folder. I found that out the hard way 2 years ago. Lucky I had back ups on my second server.
  6. No issues from my side, I can access as if I am local. However in saying that wifi apps like my AC and Sonos wont work.
  7. I should have clicked back a few pages. Working fine now. Thank you
  8. Im getting this issue showing in the docker logs. Failed to set file handle limit: Operation not permitted. i did find that windows update stopped working, I had to disable it so my machines could update.
  9. Same problem here, been working fine for months, I have the same issue.
  10. Looks good changing the background header and txt.
  11. Upgraded, all working perfectly. Happy to jump on a round of RC testing as I skipped the last few.
  12. Is this something being worked on? I have been really frustrated with Crashplan, the upload speed has turned to sh*t here is Australia. Its crawling to the point of not being usable. May have to look at something else.
  13. If you copy and paste the token from duckdns it has a space in front of it.
  14. I have seen the light and moved over to radarr. Couch served me well. RIP....