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  1. there is dockers for btc, storj, sia, zcash. from there i learnt to create my own dockers for raven and zelcore(outdated).
  2. this actually solved my problem with lancache + pfsense (pfblocker, dns resolver) issues.
  3. my retail have 16gb as smallest capacity
  4. have u checked BitcoinWalletGUI ? its ubuntu 16.04 with ppa:bitcoin
  5. there is already 2? in community app. nt sure if any of them work tho
  6. +1 for iscsi. i wanted similar setup as ccboot (, wher i don have to install physical hdd on every of my pc.
  7. steamcache dns need to have UPSTREAM_DNS added. add UPSTREAM_DNS ur.local.dns.ip / quad.9 / google.dns otherwise will broke dns query other than steam related
  8. hi, i have a very little request regarding vm's bootorder xml. can limetech please add a failover <boot order='last number of bootable count'/> to the network interface? or make a tick box next network? edit xml and add <boot order='1'/> to my network is nt hard or time consuming. it just make my life easier or those who need it in the future thanks
  9. this folder is only visible in midnight commander could not remove thru command line (rm -r) or midnight commander. whole folder appear as empty in windows explorer or unraid webgui user share i started to move all the files in that share folder to newly created share folder appreciate any kind of help. thanks edit: no idea what happended but i got it fixed.
  10. solution: enable it in regedit
  11. im interested if u r able to ship it oversea. im fine to top up a little for shipping charges, registered of coz.
  12. i created a docker container based on my docker repo my current pdsnd.conf global { perm_cache=4096; cache_dir="/var/cache/pdnsd"; run_as="pdnsd"; server_ip =; status_ctl = on; paranoid=on; query_method=udp_tcp; min_ttl=20s; // Retain cached entries at least 20 seconds. max_ttl=1w; // One week. timeout=1; // Global timeout option (1 seconds). par_queries = 3; // number of simultaneous queries. tcp_server=off; ru
  13. have been using ipxe since day1 tftp on unraid. i chainloaded thru grldr, using dnsmasq. boot into winpe 4-5 secs and i can start deploying windows / imaging / quick diagnostics.
  14. to answer my own question. in case someone need the same information. i manually mapped 1 folder. /etc/polipo > /mnt/user/polipo from polipo documentation, blank line, "/", "*" and "\" will be ignored. so, i get a list from - nonhtml list and save it into forbidden. editted polipo.conf with #forbidden file/folder location forbiddenFile = "/etc/polipo/forbidden" #forbiddenUrl forbiddenUrl = "http://webserveripaddress:port/Blank.gif" #uncacheable file/folder location uncachableFile = "/etc/polipo/uncachable" might need cron to get latest updated