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  1. Thank you for replying. It was indeed the seek error rate that was concerning me. I appreciate your time.
  2. Got myself two 12TB ironwolf drives before prices rose. Precleared the first, no smart error changes. Precleared the second and I see some errors of concern. It could possibly be cable related. I'd appreciate any thoughts experienced 'smart' folks have on this. Thanks
  3. I'm on 6.9.1 and have an LSI 9200-8i controller. No issues at all with my ironwolf drives, thankfully. I wonder if the issue is card version specific.
  4. Good morning, I was following a video tutorial on enabling ssl on the web gui, and had completed setting up my router to allow dns rebinding for unraid.net. After I did that I refreshed the web gui and saw that certificate showed provisioned (I did not manually provision). I wasn't being redirected to the unraid.net web url. After trying to navigate to the dashboard I was kicked out of the web gui and am now no longer able to log in using my admin creds via the server's ip address on the gui or via ssh. Is there any way I can reset these changes? I've pulle
  5. Have you thought of using a VPN between the two servers? Then you could potentially mount shares via unassigned devices and make cron jobs that you could use with rsync. The main downside I can see here might be transfer speed with a VPN, which partially depends on the cpu's in both your machines.
  6. I've been using unraid for 9 years. I like how responsive the devs are for adding new features. I also really like how use friendly it is.
  7. I had this issue some time ago. I bypassed the problem by writing a script that checks for the existence of a file on the unassigned disk path before allowing the copy to take place. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.
  8. I have never replaced a disk solely based on age either in my home or business environment. They either start to get errors that are uncorrectable and I replace them, or I replace smaller drives with larger ones when my array gets full. I've had drives in the array for 7 or 8 years before being cycled out. Some of those 8 year old drives were repurposed for other projects and are still going strong.
  9. I use the NUT plugin and I get the dashboard display for my UPS. Works great.
  10. I had the same issue using the NUT plugin. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the NUT plugin. I now have the UPS watt usage display on the dashboard.
  11. At idle my server draws 27 watts, or .65 kWh per day. When spun up I've seen it drawing a maximum of 65watts, or 1.65kWh per day.
  12. This started happening in 6.6.3. It still happens after an upgrade to 6.6.4. This has happened 4 or 5 times in the last week. Issues first seems to appear on my docker containers. I'll try to access one of my docker's web gui and I can't get to it. I then go into the UNRAID web management and try to access the docker tab. The docker tab is unresponsive. I then ssh into the server and attempt to stop docker from the cli. I can log into ssh, but when I try to run any command it hangs. I opened another putty session to try to see if there were any open files t
  13. Edit: Upgrading from 6.6.1 to 6.6.2 and the plugin works properly again. Having some issues with the NerdPack plugin. When I go into settings and choose nerdpack, none of the packages show up. I've tried removing the plugin, deleting the nerdpack directory, rebooting, & reinstalling the plugin with no change. Is this a just my server issue or have others also experienced this? I'm on v6.6.1. I'm including a screenshot and diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20181012-1254.zip Thanks
  14. Thank you for the information. It's greatly appreciated.
  15. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I have been using the above method for cron jobs for a number of years successfully. On Feb 23, cron jobs stopped running that I've set up in the /boot/config/plugins/mycron folder. The cron jobs are inside a file called bkp.cron. The cron jobs in the file are all rsyncs that I use to back up primary data to a secondary location. The cron jobs stopped working around the time I moved from 6.4 to 6.5. I haven't downgraded to test if an earlier version works yet. It's a production environment and I don't want to take it offline unless