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  1. Just upgraded my server and used a Gigabyte GA-H370M D3H motherboard. I have UEFI boot enabled and boot into GUI Mode. With default BIOS settings it boots but won't start the GUI. It just sits there with a flash underscore at the top left hand side of the screen. This is with CSM Disabled. Note that behind the scenes everything is working correctly it's just the GUI not working. Settings required to get it to boot into the GUI correctly are: * CSM Support - Enabled * LAN PXE Boot Options ROM - Disabled * Storage Boot Options Contro
  2. I can see you're running an ASUS motherboard with the Z77 chipset....same as me (P8Z77-V LX) I'm going to have a look at some of the other diagnostic files for people reporting the same symptoms and see if there's anything in common
  3. Hi Kevin, I've got exactly the same symptoms. My problems started occurring when I upgraded from 6.3.5. Before that my system was completely stable. Here is a thread that outlines what I've tried so far (maybe one of the things may work for you): With having replaced various pieces of hardware and the other actions I've taken, I'm thinking that my issue is a software problem. Is there any plugins or dockers you have in common with me? I will check your diagnostics as well to see if anything leaps out at me. Pete
  4. Hi. Thanks for the reply. There is no set period of time before it freezes. It seems to be about a 5-10 dyas, although I have had it lock up on consecutive days and occasionally more than once on the same day. I have the following dockers installed and running: * linuxserver/duckdns * linuxserver/letsencrypt * shaf/munin-server * binhex/arch-emby * linuxserver/nzbget * linuxserver/sonarr * linuxserver/radarr * binhex/arch-delugevpn I have the following dockers installed but not running: * google/cadvisor * technosoft2000
  5. OK another update. Lockups are still occurring. Actions taken thus far: * Upgrading to 6.6.7 * Ensured the server is running on the latest BIOS * Replaced the RAM with brand new RAM * Replaced the power supply * Replaced the thermal paste on CPU * Memtest passes successfully. * Turning off onboard sound * Removed TV Tuner card. When 6.7 becomes stable I will log to the flash drive as suggested by Frank. I'm really thinking this is not a hardware problem now as there's nothing left to replace except for the CPU and/or motherboard.
  6. I've decided to wait until 6.7.0 stable release before upgrading. Meanwhile I've found some links indicating these sorts of lockups *can* be related to on-board sound support in Linux on some motherboards. This weekend, I'm going to disable it completely as it's not needed on my server and see what happens. Thought I'd post this here for anyone else experiencing similar issues.
  7. Thanks very much for the reply Frank. I'll do that. Hopefully that might give some clues as to what is happening.
  8. Hi All, I'm still having problems with lock ups. I originally had this problem begin after migrating to 6.4 (from 6.3.5). Before that it was completely stable. Here is the previous thread if interested: I have taken the following actions: * Upgraded to 6.6.6 * Ensured the server is running on the latest BIOS * Replaced the RAM with brand new RAM * Replaced the power supply * Replaced the thermal paste on CPU * Memtest passes successfully. Please note when the problem occurs: * Server does not respond to pings * Console is
  9. I had a run of 79 days without a lockup and then had the following MCE message appear on the screen. My reading of the MCE website says this is an "internal parity error" (?). Interestingly upon reboot, (after the BIOS splash screen), there were no messages at all. ie: screen was completely blank. (no unraid menu at all). I've run memtest overnight (4 passes) without issue. Hoping for some pointers as to next plan of investigation.
  10. Not sure if it's an improvement or another symptom of the same problem. Once again Unraid crashed. Here is a photo of the console. I'd appreciate it if someone can review and advise.
  11. Have a look at your secure boot settings. It should be set to "other os" Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  12. When I checked the BIOS settings there were almost none that were not default, so I have made the following changes: 1. Upgraded the BIOS to the latest version 2. Set the FLASH drive to UEFI Boot 3. Left "Intel Virtualization Technology" default to disabled. Previously I had it set to Enabled, but I don't run any VM's. 4. Set the BIOS Boot menu to boot UEFI rather than Legacy BOOT.
  13. Thanks very much for the reply Dev Null. Interestingly most of the causes seem to be software related. Might be wishful thinking on my behalf (avoiding a cost to upgrade would be nice!). I appreciate the tips. I'm able to exclude the VM tip though as I don't run any VMs on my system. I'm thinking that I'll do the following steps one at a time so that if the problem goes away I can feedback what changed: 1. Set the BIOS to be as vanilla as possible with regards to configuration. (May be very little to change here as I don't recall changing the config much at all).
  14. Thanks very much for the reply Johnnie. I'll do that. I just came across a bunch of posts about RCU_PREEMPT stalls with unraid. Here's a link: It's quite old, but in that instance it was a software problem related to specific hardware configurations. What's interesting is that my problems only came about after I upgraded from 6.3.5 to 6.4.0. (could be a co-incidence of course). The history is that it was happening frequently on 6.4.0 and 6.4.1, but on 6.5.2 it's happening infrequently. Before that the system was completely stable. So I'm wondering if there is a possibi
  15. Bump. Wondering if someone wouldn't mind having a quick look and see if there is anything of interest in the above screen grab or the diagnostics. I'm thinking that my next step is to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. I am about 5 versions behind, and various ones talk about "improving system stability" or "improving memory stability". The other thing is that there is an unused PCI-E TV card in the server. I'll probably remove that if a BIOS upgrade doesn't help. Thoughts?