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  1. No, it doesn't matter what I put in the field "Number of backups to keep:". It doesn't make any difference. The problem is the field formatting. By the way, it is probably not a browser problem. I have tried different ones, always with the same negative result. Edit: Fun fact on the side. The field only accepts values outside the range between 1 and 6.
  2. Hi! I have the following problem with the plugin: The "Number of days to keep backups:" field accepts no numeric entries except 0 (zero). The field "Number of backups to keep:" is already set to default = '0' (zero).
  3. JoergHH


    Where can I find the VM template for ReactOS? It is not (anymore?) included in the current version 6.8.3 of UnRAID.
  4. Since the upgrade from 6.7.2 to 6.8.3 I have exactly the same problems as described here. Affected are my two cache hard drives (SSDs). Since the two SSDs come from different manufacturers and were purchased at different times, I think it is almost impossible that they fail at the same time, i.e. have real bugs. Any help is welcome. microserver-diagnostics-20200421-1302.zip
  5. Excuse the stupid question, but what is the advantage of NUT over the internal Unraid 6.x UPS Settings?
  6. Does anyone know any backup software that allows me to run a backup to a cloud only for a certain period of time (e.g. at night)? This means that the software must be able to stop the backup at a certain time and then resume it the next day at exactly the same place. I want to avoid the upload blocking the bandwidth of the data line during the day.
  7. After the update to Unraid 6.6.4 scheduled backups won't start anymore. Any idea how to fix this or how to check where the problem is?
  8. Works! Thanks a lot! 👍 BTW: It is completely sufficient to link the host path /var/local/emhttp e.g. to the container path /var.
  9. Since I am not a programmer, I would be grateful if someone could adapt the original script accordingly. Unfortunately this doesn't work because PHP doesn't exist in the docker container I use and I don't want to install it.
  10. I've got the following error after using the script and NO notification: Any ideas how to fix?
  11. I have the same problem. But if you switch the version no. back to 6.2.13 the (prof) server will be running again.
  12. I understand that you don't have time to create a complete new image, but it would be helpful if you could change the existing image so that we can stop the SeaFile Server service only without closing the entire Docking container.
  13. That doesn't work for me either: root@178eb448cd85:/# apt-get install libreoffice libreoffice-script-provider-python Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package libreoffice E: Unable to locate package libreoffice-script-provider-python root@178eb448cd85:/# Any other ideas?
  14. Well, your post doesn't answer my question. There is still no solution.
  15. Any solution about the Garbage collector script? My Seafile server has already consumed many GB, although there are no more files on it.