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  1. Excellent work, this worked perfectly.
  2. while its apart of the array and the array is active? Also, the disk is now in an emulated state since I reformatted it in Unassigned Devices. Does that matter?
  3. I'm sorry. I have no idea how to format the disk. It is seen as apart of the array and I have stopped and started the array several times trying to figure out to format disk number 7, the 6TB. Could you explain further please? I understand I have to format to a different filesystem first and then back to XFS but I do not see the option anywhere to format the disk. The array keeps wanting to sync the 6TB drive everytime I add it to the array. I'm not sure what to do. And I can't mount the 2TB in unassigned devices because the filesystem is xfs.
  4. I want to be exactly clear about this so I do not mess it up. Add the 2TB to the server, let it sit in the Unassigned devices. Move the 6TB to Unassigned Devices, format the 6TB, while the array is down. With the terminal use "cp" or "mv" or "rsync" to get the data from the 2TB to the 6TB? Should I then parity sync afterwards?
  5. I am so willing and able to use the 2TB to correct everything I am just unsure of the best method to go about doing that? Delete the contents of the 6TB disk 7 and put the 2TB onto the array along with the formatted 6TB or take the 6TB out, use another system to copy the contents exactly from the 2TB ( I do not know how to do that, I do have a bare metal Fedora 30 machine). Re-syncing the parity is really appealing to me but I am not sure how that works.
  6. I started it at 0730 this morning and I just got back home to it at the present time of 1121 and it still says running. Should I just let it do its thing? Disk7_FileSystemCheck01.zip
  7. Thank you very much for the reply No joy... My largest shares are still empty. I have posted below the results of the file system check. I still have the 2TB disk that was to be emulated. Could I use that somehow to reconstitute the missing Data? Disk7_FileSystemCheck.zip
  8. I purchased two new hard drives to add to my service. The 6TB drive came first so I installed it to replace a 2TB drive. I SO STUPIDLY and impatiently stopped the data rebuild of the 2TB drive with the new 6TB drive because I received the 8TB drive the same day the 6TB pre-clear finished and I started the drive replacement. As I started my "auto start array" server with the 8TB drive added and no other drives removed, except for the 2TB drive that was previously removed, the array started with my second parity dead and lost and the 8TB drive in the unassigned disk area of the GUI. I then stopped the array and replaced the second and suddenly not working parity drive with the 8TB drive. At this point the array is rebuilding with the new 6TB drive to be rebuilt with the data of the 2TB drive and the 8TB drive as the second parity drive. The parity sync has finished but a majority of my shares no longer contain the family pictures and movies I have accumulated over the years. I still have the 2TB drive as it was when it was removed from the server. The original 6TB second parity drive has been reformatted and is now apart of the array as a data drive UDMA error count of 7. The data still exists between the server and the 2TB drive but I cannot access any of it via the command line or GUI. Please help me recover the shares. I am not afraid of the command line. I am going to shut down the server indefinitely in order to preserve any chance of recovering the data. I understand the parity is bunked but all of the data still exists between the array and the 2TB i previously removed which is still intact and in my possession. Thanks in advance, djhunter67 I was thinking of putting the 2TB HDD back in and rebuilding the parity through the settings tab option. Bad idea? tower-diagnostics-20190505-1708.zip
  9. For any in my predicament. This is exactly how it's done. Once you fill this out accordingly, you have to go back to the Plex server and remap the library locations. The Container Path line is exactly what the docker GUI sees and allows you to navigate to in order to put the correct library path.
  10. what do I do after I click on it? Exactly. I have done this I'm just not sure how to properly fill this out.
  11. The other docker had a line already built in to map the Media, transcode, and config paths. This docker does not already have those line. I, apparently, have to add these manually. I am asking: How do I properly add the lines for media and transcoding?
  12. It would appear not so much. I just installed this docker and it looked like this... I added the /media and /config myself. I realize the /config was redundant. I. now, am trying to map the media to the docker. How is this done? I am under the impression I mapped the Media incorrectly. How is this done?
  13. Good morning! I previously had another Unraid Plex docker installed. It crashed and just removed itself from my server. I now have the linuxserver Plex. How do I map Media, transcode in /tmp, and properly setup the docker. My precious MetaData has crossed over but get this error when I try to play anything. I added the /media and /config lines. I have no idea if I did that correctly. I suspect not.