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  1. I have a few answers to question of which I could not find the answers. Problem: git push would not work. Solution: Follow the gitlab directions to set up the ssh key switch to advanced view in the docker settings go to the line "Extra Parameters" change the following: change the external url to http://[insert IP of unraid server]:[9080]/ When adding the origin remote repo you must change the http:// to ssh:// AND add 9022 after the colon for every .git inhabited directory you plan to add to the gitlab docker on unraid. Important to add the port that is set in the container settings for ssh, 9022. ex. git remote add origin ssh://git@ djhunter67 is the user I created inside of gitlab. This may be root for you. Then the name of the remote repo, this does not have to be created on gitlab first. if ssh key directions are followed correctly then no password should be required, IF you make the key w/ no password required. Also, I already had ssh setup for my server but I created a new key regardless. I did this using wsl2
  2. SOLVED: I manually deleted the full syslog and recreated it. Logging was then broken. one reboot later I and now I no longer suffer from randomly emulated disks.... I do not know why this has solved my issue, but it appears that the %100 full syslog was myt issue.
  3. This has happened once before with disk 4. I just happened to have a hot spare and again in this case but this is ridiculous. Are you saying this is not a 6.9.0-rc2 issue? Separate issue: Log was 100% so I delete syslog and made a new one and nothing logged until I stopped the array, just now. Attached is the syslog since the array started. Please help, Thanks in advance
  4. Is it me, or is there anyone else experiencing the following: Random hard drive taken from the array and put into the UD? Then, have a missing disk from the array???
  5. I have no idea why I am getting these constant server crashes. This has happened on the Gigabyte X99 mobo & CPU with a different HBA card. Got a new ASUS X299 mobo and CPU w/ a different HBA card and still crashing and kernel panicking.... every day or two now. I changed all the memory on the X99, still crashed. Took that same memory, Corsair Vengeance, and moved all 8 DIMMs of it, 16 GB each, to the X299. Two sticks died. Attached is the syslog for the relevant dates that was mirrored to my flash drive. Also, I cannot get mcelog to work.... syslog.txt
  6. I was running beta35 for about a week or so and everything was running fine. Then one day, recently, my Dashboard tab and UD on the Main tab would not load. My dockers all crashed but my VM's all still work fine; except I cannot add devices in the Edit page of the VM's like add USB things (microphone, mouse, keyboard, etc...) like I usually do while it's running. The crashing has continued and prevent a graceful shutdown. Problems started during the rebuilding of a replaced drive to an upgraded (10TB to 14TB) drive. Since then all of the problem described above have ensued. Beta35 was working so well prior to the rebuilding event... I have reverted to Beta30 initiated an immediate backup of all things. Immediately following this post I am upgrading motherboard and CPU to LGA2066 from LGA2011-3. Same 128GB non-ecc memory, HDD/SDD/M.2's, and P2000 and 1080ti.
  7. Thanks for your input. I will do that this evening and report back if the crash happens again. If I have no crashes then there will likely be no more posts. Coincidentally, since I changed the syslog server according to the link above the server has been stable.
  8. BIOS is fully up to date. My CPU is an eBay buy from over a year ago. It has always, in several different systems, said what is says there. I have corrected the syslog server settings. I will update that information on here the next time the server crashes.
  9. My server, for several weeks is crashing randomly after tens of hours or so. I am then forced to hard shutdown. This is weekly but for only tens of hours at a time, granted I let the server run at all for that week. I have syslog server running to the flash drive but I cannot tell what is causing this for error. It is my understanding that every command in the terminal forks 'away' then 'back' to the console once the command is complete. I do not know why my server is crashing. I've run memtest for several consecutive days with both 16GB and 32GB of RAM at a time. 0 Errors . I have swapped out the flash drive and disabled C States in the bios. No Joy. If any other info is required please let me know.
  10. It was because the docker, under settings, would not let me set the router ip address for an internet connection...
  11. ***********DOCKER BUG CAUSED ME 17 HOURS OF TROUBLESHOOTING!!!******************* I have been plagued since 6.6.7. After the 6.6.7 release every single update since then has yielded no internet connection to my server and I have finally discovered why! I have several network ports via NIC's in my server and only after trying to use one port separately for the cctv setup via shinobi I discovered the docker is effin me over, hard! As you can see I cannot, even through editing the file in the terminal, fill in the gateway value. Look closely at this picture and you can see that I cannot even edit the one gateway value that is present (the only path to the internet, btw). At first br0 was my primary (motherboard NIC) internet and the eth5 (10Gbps NIC) my main network card. I have to download the usb creator and fresh install unraid to get this far. Everything was working fine until I started editing this page and the option to enter the Gateway values gradually disappeared line by line. I have recreated this problem at every update since 6.6.7. I am going to install the Nvidia 6.8.0 update right now.
  12. I have been working on this non-stop since we've started chatting this evening. I finally fixed it... The Fix: Downloading USB Creation Tool, fresh install to UNRAID USB, and copy over plugins, docker, and disk config information only from flash drive backup. Left DHCP on and used the initial IP assigned. Changed the IP back to what it was before and all is still good.
  13. I literally just finished using the USB Flash Creator. It finished less than 30 seconds ago. I'm about to put it in and boot up. I took a picture of the array and have a complete backup of the flash drive. Here goes!
  14. Everything worked perfectly fine in Unraid 6.6.7. Any update after that eff's up the server to internet connection. I deleted the files but the network.cfg file was never created again. What do I do? I am so at a losss. I'm willing to reinstall the entire Unraid again.... If i do that though, how do I retain the array's data?
  15. I made the main the 10Gbps on purpose. I am presently trying to find how to connect to the server after I just deleted the two network files and rebooted. I presently have the server terminal on a seperate monitor and the flash drive plugged into my main PC looking for an IPaddress. http://tower is not working and I am not seeing...... oh..... the 10Gbps is preventing my server from getting to the internet since that card is only locally connected... OK... I am still just trying to find or set an ip address right now. Please help with this part?