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  1. Thank you for the advice i reinstall with mongo:4.4.3 and now works i will never update if works like this. Dont see point to update until works normal .Updates brakes things:)
  2. Me too Mongod cant start anymore i try reinstall and same.I get error: BadValue: security.keyFile is required when authorization is enabled with replica sets try 'mongod --help' for more information
  3. I was looking for same and end up with cheap Qnap T-230 for pictures only its very fast and not indexing every time makes thumbnails and browsing pictures is so fast(64 000 pictures takes 40gb thumbnails storage) and Unraid for rest VM,Dockers,etc... I think best is real NAS for this and you have real replacement Google photos and if all family use it is very good investment. Nextcloud will never load them its so slow . Not sure Xpenology VM i read somewhere that works in Unraid and use Synology apps after.
  4. Yes,you are right i will go for AMD vga i think. Thank you very much for your help and support. Happy New Year!!!
  5. Hi,i installed Bigsur and everything works fine VNC and i connect to monitor and pass GTX 1050ti all good works. Today Bugsur loading only on VNC ,but on Gtx 1050ti it starts and load the Apple logo only and stuck.The white loading line under the apple wont show up. If someone knows solution for this please share. Happy New Year !!!
  6. Delete everything how i explain in previous post and install again and will be fine.If 202 is your unraid IP then give another IP 200 maybe to Adguard dont give same IP to the docker.
  7. Hi,id like to ask if anyone use Untangle with Unraid about the problems with the Dockers.For example i setup Jitsi and Rocketchat and on Pfsense everything works perfect and when i swich to Untangle Rocketchat works only if i open from browser the Android app says waiting for network.Same with Jitsi .Something i think Untangle blocking and cant find what.Nextcloud works good from App and browser.Maybe i should go back to Pfsense i just buy 1 year licence for Untangle. Thank you.
  8. Today i install it on my new installed Unraid and no just works straight away just give it fixed IP and done i think is updated or something. Try to uninstall the docker Adguarg then go to Appdata folder and delete the folder Adguard and then install it again and only fill up the ip before pull down the container.Open the logs and look for the last line just copy and paste in browser and should work.
  9. You are welcome 😃😃😃 i was on few 🍻 when i got working so i hope works for you.😃
  10. Hi,just give it fixed IP then check the logs will be some errors because missing a file is some directory. Then just check where is missing the file and create it manual on the desktop and copy and paste in the directory. Log in in Adguard only with the IP which you set before dont add :PORT number and make the setup of the Adguard and put the ip in your router DNS and thats it. I stop using it because i buy Pi 3 and install it there because my server sleep from 23h til 07 and i lose internet connection so Pi runs now 24/7 but for a week the docker on Unraid was working and bloc
  11. Hi,i dont know but Nextcloud Talk android not work proper on 4G i mean outside my Lan i dont know even if configure proper Stun/Turn server i dont have so much skills maybe.We have to wait someone with more skills to help us to make tutorial .I wish i could but i not so smart . Could be the App for android buggy or nextcloud docker cant connect with Stun/Turn server docker i dont know.
  12. Yes i got is working today if you still need some help and can share some screenshots and tips.
  13. Yes,i update successful thanks to all you good people!!! I SSH to Nextcloud and remove the .Step and then i run the command in Unraid teminal not in Nextcloud terminal and everything goes smoothly updated to 19.04. Thank you!!!