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  1. I have the same symptoms. Asrock TRX40 Creator, AMD Threadripper 3960X, 128GB of unbuffered ECC Samsung M391A4G43MB1-CTD. All network accessibility on the server seems to suddenly severely degrade and/or eventually fail completely: No SSH, no SMB, and no ping responses. Console seems responsive, but last time this occurred it became non-responsive and I had to hard-power down. Link stays up at 1Gbit to my existing switch. I have the same/similar log entries with the interfaces - which seem to correlate when VMs are powered on/off (and it's the bond0 interface,
  2. Update: I resolve this issue for me. Rebuilding the VM from scratch and switching to the Q45 chipset seemed to resolve my issue. I'm also now able to use the same VM as a base image to clone multiple other VM's from. (I have to make a new vm give it a name, save it, copy the XML from my template VM, paste it into the XML for my new VM, correc the <name></name> tag to MATCH the new VM's name and not the template! Remove the contents of <uuid></uuid> to generate a new VM in libvirt, edit the disk location in <devices><disk><source file="">, and
  3. Hi Majorpaynedof, did you find a solution to this question? I'm interested in this as well.
  4. I'm seeing this same Phenomenon. Unraid 6.8.3. Threadripper 3960x on an ASRock TRX40 Creator. Fresh W10 20H2 install, fully updated. No PCI-E pass through, no extra shares added to the guest. VirtIO ISO version 1.185 i440fx-4.2, OVMF, Hyper-V: Yes (What does that ACTUALLY do, extend hyper-V functions to the guest?), USB 2.0 EHCI, VirtIO disk. It's effectively a default configuration as far as I'm aware. It seems to randomly freeze it's GUI after being idle. Same symptoms as OP, noVNC locks up and remote desktop fails, but some OS network-based functions rema
  5. Upgraded from 6.6.6. It took me a while to want to move away from the number of the beast.... Alas, security et. al. Seems to be OK. VM boots fine. webgui feels faster/snappier. Running on very old hardware (circa 2008): Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, core 2 quad Q9550, 8GB, Arecca ARC-1880IX-12
  6. Since 6.8.1, the linux kernel included supposedly included the fix for threadripper 3 where the MCE=off boot option was no longer required. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case? Also, are you able to actually read the ECC log if you have ECC memory? Thanks!
  7. Hi dlandon, Thanks again for your reply. Yes, I tend to be more paranoid than most, still, I prefer to run minimal configurations where possible. I appreciate your responses, and the time and energy you have put forth into maintaining the plugin. Genuinely: Thank you.
  8. Hello dlandon, I understand, thanks for your reply and comments. Is it possible to "echo" a comment during the install of the plugin, so that users who see the nmap and are alarmed, as I was, are presented with a way to remove without having to search? Cheers.
  9. Hello, Thank you for maintaining this plugin - it's very useful and seems to work rather well. Very much appreciated. I understand Nmap was added as a requirement so that a "scan for NFS shares" button would be available. When I saw nmap show up during an upgrade - fears of compromise IMMEDIATELY set in. I believed that this plugin's repository was compromised and nefarious actors wished to scan users' networks swiftly and with ease - perhaps to install a RAT or compromise other devices within personal networks behind firewalls. This was extremely disconcerting to see!
  10. Hello, I had this same issue with an ARC-1880. I just flashed the latest firmware to it, seems to have fixed it. It was exhibiting the same behavior described above, for me with some WDC drives that are same make/model. When the card is in RAID mode and you are presenting some passhrough disks for UNRAID to manage, by default they will be assigned different SCSI LUNs by on the same SCSI_ID. The trick appeared to be to assign separate SCSI_ID's. Unfortunately on this card, you are limited to a certain number of passthrough disks in RAID mode. I was also encountering this probl
  11. Thanks for the plugin, very useful and convenient! The atop package seems to be filling up my /var/log partition in the atop directory with compressed binary data. Anyway to configure this differently to not fill it up?
  12. Upgrade went smoothly for me from 6.6.5 on 10 year old hardware. (Q9450 + EP45-UD3P)
  13. Hi Johnnie.Black, Thanks for your reassurance. That GUI behavior/language is a little strange to me, "Enter new key" can easily be interpreted to mean "Your un-decrypted array is about to be encrypted with a new key and your data will then be garbage because I think this is a new array that is at the initial encryption stage"
  14. My intentions are to upgrade one parity disk at a time to maximize my chances of recoverability should a disk failure occur during the parity rebuild. I decided to start the array in maintenance mode without making any disk assignment changes. The new drive is attached to the server (using the same port the old parity disk was using). If I enter my encryption key into both fields as if I were setting up a new encrypted array - it starts just fine. I'm proceeding forward. Restarting the array with the new disk assignment appears to be working. Parity is rebuilding