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  1. I just had the same problem also on version 6.9.2. I wanted to change the SMART controller type and the file smart-one.cfg became a mess.
  2. Hi, I have the same problem, the write speed is only 6MB/s, at this rate it will take 34 days to finish clearing the drive... How do I stop the process? I can't find any `dd` running. Thanks! EDIT : looks like there is no way to interrupt the script so I'll just reboot the server. EDIT2: rebooting makes Unraid waiting for the script to finish..... EDIT3: it finally timed out
  3. Still stuck after almost a week, 100% CPU during all this time EDIT: After few more hours the test finally ended!
  4. Hello everyone, I ran an "Extended test", but it seems to be stuck. One of my shares has 1m documents (for a total of 1.3TB), and it has been scanning it for more than an hour. CPU usage of the extendedTest.php script is 20%, and for the shfs process it's 100%. Weirdly, there is no disk activity. Even iotop shows 0 everywhere. I think reorgonazing my shares so that they contain less files would solve the issue, but I still wanted to ask if that's expected behaviour. Maybe it will finish in an hour or two. I'll update this post if so.
  5. Hello, Yesterday I noticed this error on the console when Unraid starts: It appears just after the "Starting Samba:" lines. It turned out that the Tips and Tweaks plugin is the cause of this error (it didn't show anymore when I uninstalled the plugin). I tried to install it again and I got the same error again.
  6. Got it! The error disappeared once I uninstalled the "Tips and Tweaks" plugin. Mmmh, I need it so I'll try to reinstall it EDIT: the error reappeared when I reinstalled the plugin. I will go to the Tips and Tweaks topic to report the bug. Thank you for your help!
  7. I was actually coming back to say that haha. The error disappeared once I uninstalled the Docker folders plugin. So it's a bug of this plugin,
  8. Ok thank you, I'll debug that right now
  9. On the screen attached to my Unraid server. It shows all the services that are being launched, then there are 4 lines for "Starting Samba...." and then I have the error mentioned above.
  10. Hello, Since few days, this error appears just after the "Starting Samba" lines. I tried to check the unraid config files for an error, but I couldn't find anything. Everything seems to be working fine though. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20210526-1611.zip
  11. I have the same errors on both the Dashboard page and the Docker page on Unraid 6.9.2 when Docker is stopped.
  12. I had the same issue with binhex/arch-plex so maybe it was just me. I don't know. But at least I got Plex working now haha
  13. After an hour going crazy wondering why I couldn't see any menu to add my libraries on my own server, I noticed that Plex Media Server can't start. It is a new installation. I will try with an older version EDIT: OK now Plex Media Server started. I logged in again, but same thing.... can't see any admin settings or anything to add libraries.... am I stupid or what? When I go to "My media" it tells me to install plex media server. Few years ago it was so simple. Maybe I'm missing something very obvious EDIT2 : I installed plexinc/pms-docker instead and it worked out of box. I was greeted with a configuration page and was able to add libraries.
  14. Hi! Thank you for your work! Is there a way to update CyberChef? The version deployed by the container is 9.11.11 while the latest is 9.16.2 https://github.com/gchq/CyberChef/releases Thanks!
  15. I removed the recognized drive, and moved the unrecognized drive from the M.2_1 socket to the M.2_2 socket, it is still not recognized. Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: COMRESET failed (errno=-16) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: COMRESET failed (errno=-16) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: COMRESET failed (errno=-16) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: limiting SATA link speed to 3.0 Gbps Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: COMRESET failed (errno=-16) Dec 16 12:39:45 Tower kernel: ata6: reset failed, giving up It's not a socket problem, good. I believe the drive died... just with a reboot? Well, that was a cheap drive anyway. It lived less than a year though. I'll contact Western Digital. Thank you for your help!
  16. Both cache devices are connected on its own M2 connector. I'll swap the two devices, and see which one is showing. Thanks!
  17. Hi, Since I updated to Unraid 6.8 and rebooted my system, one of my two Cache Devices completely disappeared from my system. It doesn't show in the Cache Devices list, it doesn't show on the Unassigned Devices list, and I can't see it with a fdisk -l. I rebooted multiple times to make sure. Both Cache Devices are SSD WESTERN DIGITAL Green 120 Go M.2 2280 and they were working fine before the update/reboot. Is it possible that one of two died ? tower-diagnostics-20191216-1143.zip
  18. In the container console, go to the /config/nginx/security folder: the auth file contains the authentication info. Delete it, and then re-generate it using this command: htpasswd -c auth yourusername You will then be asked to enter a password (twice). If you wish to add more users, you can use this command: htpasswd auth yourusername
  19. Hi, With or without this plugin, the log page looks exactly the same. Am I missing something? SOLVED: Okay, the plugin doesn't actually replace the LOG icon that is located on the top right corner, it creates a link under the TOOLS tab.
  20. I can't pull the image neither. Other docker images work. edit: I can pull the image with mysql included, but not the light image
  21. Hello, First of all, thank you for your work ! I have problem using your plugin. I can't get it to obtain the certificates. I have used certibot and hosted a web server before on another machine, and I didn't have any problem, so my ISP doesn't block any port. This is the error that I get : Port 80 of the container is accessible via the port 18100, port 443 is accessible via the port 18200. I made the appropriate port forwarding in my router. My DNS configuration: I don't understand why it doesn't work. As I said, I never had any problem with Let's Encrypt before. Could you help me please? Thank you