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  1. Same problem here, trying with disabled auto fan right now.
  2. Is the GoogleMusicManager not working anymore? Im getting "Can't connect to Google Play". I dont think there is a solution for Youtube Music yet, at least I wasnt able to find one.
  3. Hmm... looks like the version was the problem. Showed all other containers as offline even tho I was able to ping them. Went back to 1.7 and everything works fine even with a custom network. Edit: After everything was working I updated to latest again and it seems to work now... no clue whats happening here
  4. I tried to switch to a custom bridge network, so I can use static ips for my containers. (Had problems with the ips changing and having to remap the containers in the manager) That wasn't working so I tried to go back to the default Bridge but now I cant get it to work. I removed the docker and deleted the appdata folder but its still not working. Im testing with a nzbget container but im only getting "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" when trying to connect using the dyndns domain.
  5. Yea I tried that, still not really working, but Im going to ask on github. Just thought maybe someone here got it to work with subfolders.
  6. There is a subdomain config (I think that wasn't there when I first tried), so its still not working with subfolder? I tried with another docker before and couldn't get subfolder to work even tho they have a prefix or whatever in their settings.
  7. Anyone got this to work with letsencrypt nginx reverse proxy?
  8. Wow thats a nice board, not sure why the use mATX for their server boards tho. But way too expensive. There are a few boards that would fit my needs but I dont really know if ECC really works and if they boot without a GPU. Might just buy an Asrock or Asus board to test, I heard they are the best for ECC and headless setup.
  9. Expensive and I dont really want an mATX board. I hope the release some more boards maybe with B550 or something.
  10. Mine are connected to the board too. I installed the temp plugin sometime ago but I think I needed nerd pack to install perl to get it to work after that autofan just worked. I think I used this: https://wiki.unraid.net/Setting_up_CPU_and_board_temperature_sensing
  11. Did you install System Temperature and Nerd Pack too? Not sure you need it but I had both installed before I installed Autofan.
  12. Dynamix System Autofan from Community Applications! I switched from my case fan controller to onboard 4-Pin and it works great all my PWM fan run at ~10% until one of my HDDs gets above 35°C. I have all of my fans connected to a single connector and set fan speed in the bios to full speed.
  13. Hey, Im planning to buy a 3700x to upgrade my Unraid Server but Im having difficulties finding the right board for my needs. What I need: 3x PCIe x16 (2x 3.0, 1x 2.0) for HBA, 10G NIC and maybe a GPU later ECC support: 16GB Samsung B-Die (starting with one, getting more later) Headless Boot All this as cheap as possible For the PCIe Slots I probably need an X chipset, so Im looking at X370 and X470. (Dont need PCIe 4.0 and want to save some money and power)
  14. Thanks, looks like the EOLs were the problem.
  15. Is there anything special I have to do to get Start Scripts to work or should a script that works as a UserScript just work? Its says: Executing custom start script But its not running or at least not doing what it should. The script syncs the backup to google drive and works fine when I just start it from user scripts.